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Sun damage is irreversible.  Use only the best sunscreen for your sun protection.  

As a dermatologist, I know that broad spectrum sunscreen is the best and most effective anti-aging product you can use.

Your sunscreen needs to block all the UVA and UVB rays and last as long as possible on your skin. Most sunscreen products don't do either! All of my products provide the most advanced broad spectrum sun protection. Enjoy the outdoors and be confident that you have the best sun protection possible.

As a dermatologist who specializes in skin cancer I'm constantly reviewing the advances in sunscreen formulation and scientific research.  I want to be certain that my patients and family have the best.

It's my opinion that zinc oxide is currently the best sunscreen ingredient for broad spectrum and long lasting UVA and UVB sun protection. Plus, technological advances have created zinc oxide that rubs onto your skin invisibly so it's easy to wear every day. Cynthia Bailey MD

How do you pick the right sunscreen for your skin type and needs?

It's important to match your sunscreen to your skin type and lifestyle. See my Sunscreen Comparison Chart.

I have hand picked sunscreens that are perfect for normal to oily skin, normal to dry skin, and for those with natural suncsreen preferences. Whether you want tinted facial sunscreen, or a long-lasting durable body sunscreen for your wet and sweaty outdoor activities, you will find what you need here so that you can protect your precious skin.

Why do I, as a dermatologist, believe that zinc oxide provides the best sunscreen UV ray protection for your skin?

In my opinion, as a dermatologist who has studied sunscreen development for over 30 years, the best broad spectrum sunscreens (previously called sun blocks) are based in mineral zinc oxide. I've worn an invisible zinc oxide sunscreen ever since it was invented, and my skin looks better in my 50's than it did in my 20's. It's never too late to start!

Zinc oxide (and its cousin titanium dioxide) is considered a mineral sunscreen (also called physical sunscreen). When applied to your skin, the mineral sits on top of your skin bouncing the UV rays off just like bouncing a ball off of a wall. It provides non-irritating, hypoallergenic, broad spectrum and stable UVA and UVB protection that you can trust. Zinc oxide is also the best dermatologist recommended sunscreen for sensitive skin.

The other type of sunscreen is called chemical sunscreen (confusingly also called "organic" sunscreens). It actually is absorbed into your skin and blocks the sun's rays with a chemical reaction that occurs inside your skin. The reaction creates a little heat, (making you feel hotter in the sun) as it breaks down the chemical sunscreen ingredients so that they aren't there to protect you anymore. This means that your skin steadily runs out of chemical sunscreen when you're in the sun. Chemical sunscreen can also break down in the bottle before you even buy or use the product.

Of the two types of mineral sunscreen ingredients I recommend only zinc oxide and not titanium dioxide. Zinc oxide rubs more invisibly onto your skin and gives better broad spectrum protection. I recommend the zinc oxide used alone at high concentrations or combined with octinoxate (a chemical sunscreen ingredient that works very uniquely with the zinc oxide) for the best broad spectrum sun protection. Pick products based on your skin type, activities, budget and product preference.

I tell all my patients to remember that harmful and aging UV sun rays come through most windows so they need sunscreen everyday on all exposed areas of their skin. Cynthia Bailey MD

Sun protection and mineral zinc oxide sunscreen should be part of your daily skin care routine for skin cancer prevention and anti-aging skin care. I want it to be easy for you so I've covered all the sun protection bases for you at

Trust that your sun protection is protecting what's precious - you and your loved ones!

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