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With Dr. Bailey

Dermatologist Dr. Cynthia Bailey cuts through the hype and gives you the bottom line in anti aging skin care information and product recommendations.

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Dr. Cynthia Bailey

Skin Care Blog

Dr. Cynthia Bailey writes one of the longest running health blogs in the country offering practical advice for you on all skin care related topics.

  • 19Sep

    The Best Skin Care Products for Geriatric Grooming

    Dermatologist’s Insights on Skin Care and Aging There are specific, skin care products for geriatric grooming that can help you have healthier skin and look...

  • 17Sep

    Dermatologist’s Rosacea Skin Care Routine

    Tips to Treat Rosacea Rosacea-prone facial skin is extremely sensitive, and rosacea-prone complexions are either soothed or extremely-irritated by many common skin...

  • 12Sep

    Fight Acne and Win!

    Dermatologist’s tips and skin care advice for clearing pimples and blackheads Acne has different causes and can behave differently depending on your skin type...

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