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Dermatologist Dr. Cynthia Bailey cuts through the hype and gives you the bottom line in anti aging skin care information and product recommendations.

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Dr. Cynthia Bailey

Skin Care Blog

Dr. Cynthia Bailey writes one of the longest running health blogs in the country offering practical advice for you on all skin care related topics.

  • 19 Jan

    Writing Sabbatical and Amazing Stories

    I am on a sabbatical to finish writing a book I started during The Cancer Year. The book is about my path to taming the chaos of the life-abducting, major...

  • 17 Jan

    Real Dermatologist’s Info For Your Skin Care

      Want proven, science-backed advice from an experienced dermatologist who has practiced medicine for years? Tired of pseudoscience hype aimed at...

  • 12 Jan

    Writing Sabbatical!

    I’ve jumped across the Pacific to cloister myself for 6 weeks and write. I’m still stunned. Not because I’m here, but because writing is an...