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Dermatologist Dr. Cynthia Bailey cuts through the hype and gives you the bottom line in anti aging skin care information and product recommendations.

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Dr. Cynthia Bailey

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Dr. Cynthia Bailey writes one of the longest running health blogs in the country offering practical advice for you on all skin care related topics.

  • 16Feb

    Makeup Tips for Aging Skin

    Insights to Update Your Makeup Techniques As You Age Makeup Tips at 60ish I’ll be 60 this year, and my makeup techniques have had to evolve as I have aged. What...

  • 14Feb

    SPF 50 vs. 100 – What Sunscreen Protects Skin the Best?

    Does SPF 100 Sunscreen Protect Better than SPF 50? Probably NOT! But a study just published in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology concludes that...

  • 12Feb

    Top Diet Tips for Great Skin – Part 3

    Go Low Glycemic for Healthy Skin! In this part of my series on diet tips for healthy skin, we’re going to discuss blood sugar. Foods raise your blood sugar....