Sun Protective Clothing

There is more to getting the best sun protection than just wearing sunscreen. I tell my patients to first cover as much of their exposed skin with clothing that is truly sun protective, then A.S.K. if the rest of the uncovered skin is protected:

Apply mineral zinc oxide sunscreen

Shade yourself by wearing a hat, carrying a sun umbrella or being in the shade

Know the exposure risk: UV is most intense in the summer, mid day, high altitude, near the equator and it bounces off reflective surfaces. Use the Detecto Ring to increase your knowledge.

When it comes to sun protective clothing, you need garments made of tested fibers and proven technology and that means Coolibar! Yep, Coolibar is the brand that I trust. Their fiber technology is the best because sun protection, like zinc oxide is integrated in the fibers. Did you know that most summer fabrics don’t give you the protection of SPF 30 – which is the minimum protection we recommend for your sunscreen. The same requirement applies to your clothing. When you wear Coolibar, your skin is protected to UPF 50 for as long as the garment lasts. Coolibar fabric is comfortable, durable and cool. See below for the styles that I’ve found work the best. I, my patients and my family have tested many of these garments. They are versatile, cover the areas of skin where I see the most sun damage on patients, and are fashionable. My closet is full of Coolibar, my kids grew up in Coolibar and my patients and I have put Coolibar to the test. Coolibar works!