Nurture Your Skin or That of Someone You Love This Season

I think of February as the month of love. Valentine’s Day is smack dab in the middle of it. Red hearts, roses and candy are everywhere... turning our thoughts to acts of kindness and gratitude. It’s a bright spot during February’s cold winter days, and I like to dive in while I wait patiently for the first signs of spring.

A little self-nurturing and cheery treats for those in our life can be fun.

With this in mind, why not try something new and think about exploring something fun for the body’s biggest organ – the skin?

Transforming skin care is an enduring treat that’s not fattening! It’s also unexpected ! I love wondering what would be fun for you so I’ve created a few magical bundles that might be just the thing. Check out these great gifts below for you and your loved ones, and let me know what you think:

Super Soft All-Over Skin Kit

Who doesn’t love soft skin? This is especially true when you put on your clothes, rub your elbows, reach towards your back to scratch an itch, hold someone's hand, and more.
How lovely when your skin (or theirs) is velvety, smooth and hydrated! 

But, right about now in the winter, it probably isn’t. Well, this kit provides fun for ourselves and our partners. Why not? It's a new toy...

In my Ultra Fast Body Smoothing Kit, you have the Salux Cloth to physically buff away rough dead cells that cling to dry winter skin and mound up on dry winter knees and elbows. You also have the Glycolic Wash to use with the cloth. It preps your skin for the next, really important, step in skin smoothing – application of the most effective Glycolic Acid Body Lotion. I bundled this with my back applicator so you can get a good application of Glycolic Acid Cream to your back. Wait until you see how transformational this is! Does your back itch? Mine does, and this nips that vexing itch right in the bud (No spring pun intended).

Regular Price: $89.00
Special Valentine's Price $76.00




Instantly Wonderful Facial Transformation Kit

Did you know that combining the ideal exfoliating scrub with deep hydration will plump your skin to a dewy luster? It’s a basic concept, but most products are just wrong for the job.

You need a fine grit scrub, and the bamboo granules in my scrub are just that. Angular or larger granules scratch or over abrade, and these don’t. I’ve had many thousands of complexion-types in my dermatology practice use this product, and it really is the perfect scrub. It also has clay to help refine pore size so it’s a two-for-one product for smooth skin.

Use the Bamboo and Clay Scrub to gently exfoliate. Rinse well and then immediately apply the Green Tea Antioxidant Skin Therapy which is loaded with hyaluronic acid. This is the magic ingredient that binds 1000 times its weight in water to your skin, a phenomenon that instantly plumps crepey skin, fine lines and wrinkles. The other magic in this product is the green tea antioxidant polyphenols – the equivalent of the antioxidants in 500 cups of tea in a pharmaceutically-pure and stable form to fight redness and free-radical-induced skin stress.

After the Green Tea Cream, lock and replenish lost skin lipids with my Daily Moisturizer for Normal Complexions. This non-comedogenic moisturizer fits all skin types and replenishes skin lipids from winter chapping while augmenting antioxidant reserves with CoQ 10 and vitamins A and E.

In my years of practice, I have seen that even sensitive complexions can use this trio of products and enjoy the transformation. It’s a lovely "pick me up" for the winter doldrums.

Regular Price: $154.00
Special Valentine's Price $131.00




Enhance Your Natural Beauty Makeup Bundle

I have a few makeup products that I just love, and I’ve put them in this bundle so you can try them too, or gift them to your friends, family members and loved ones. The collection includes my Mineral Eye Trio which I LOVE. My makeup routine is simple and the trios give me enough palate of colors for my eye makeup. Click on the video below to see what I do with them.

I also love the blush, which is subtle. Apply the products with my super soft, eco-friendly and cruelty-free brush set. It rolls up nicely and fits in the shimmery and elegant, fair-trade silk cosmetic bag. You have all the brushes you need in a pretty and compact bag! To me, it feels special and nurturing to use this little collection when I put makeup on every morning. I hope it feels special to you too.

Regular Price: $88.00
Special Valentine's Price $75.00




Happy February – The Month of Love! I really hope you enjoy using, and giving, these special skin care bundles to the people you love.

And know that if you order any of these product bundles, they are 15% off the retail price until February 28, 2018 at midnight Pacific Time as my gift to you!



Cynthia Bailey, M.D.
Board Certified Dermatologist and Founder of

P.S. I’d love to know what you think of these skin care products. If you can let me know via Twitter here or one of our other, social media forms here, I’d really appreciate your feedback! Thanks again, and Happy February!