Get Acne Tips and Advice from a Dermatologist

How you take care of your acne-prone skin really matters for your complexion.

Pick the right products and your acne gets better; use the wrong ones and it gets worse. That said, there are different types of acne and they all have different "right" products. Let me help you sort through it all. Go straight to my acne pages.

Take the Guess Work Out of Your Acne Treatment

In order to properly treat your acne, first you need to determine the type of acne you have (see list below). Next, you need to build a complete skin care routine from my product recommendations. There are 4 essential steps in a Complete Skin Care Routine, which you'll do twice daily:

Step 1: Cleanse

Step 2: Correct

Step 3: Hydrate

Step 4: Protect

You also need to avoid pore-clogging ingredients like oils in all the products that you apply to your acne-prone skin, including in makeup and sunscreens. Pick products that fit your skin type and your skin's sensitivities so you avoid irritating your skin. Harsh acne products can send sensitive skin running for oily moisturizers to soothe skin irritation, which worsens acne. Instead, err on the side of caution, starting with the regular strength products that I recommend and work to the stronger versions of the products as your skin has gotten used to them.

Acne Types and Their Treatments

On this website, I recommend the same skin care routines that I use in my dermatology practice to treat acne. Find the type of acne that you have and click the link to see the routine I recommend: