The 5 Best Natural Sunblocks for Protecting Your Skin

Cynthia Bailey, MD|July 6, 2015

  Natural Sunblock Today, many people are looking for natural sunscreens. Here in Northern California, many of my skin cancer patients are switching from traditional sunscreens to natural products. My patients at high risk for cancer (myself included) are typically very fair-skinned outdoor enthusiasts that I can't keep out of the sun even with the most motivational "soap boxing" I can muster. What this means is I've looked hard for the best natural sunscreen products, and fortunately, I've found them. In my dermatology practice, we depend on a lineup of powerful, natural sunscreens that offer the best combination of sun protection, non-nano mineral zinc oxide, and organic ingredients. Below are the exceptional natural sunscreens I recommend. My patients and I have put them to the test and have found them to be the "best of the best" natural sunscreens. Facial Sunscreens 1. Suntegrity 5-in-1 BB Cream SPF 30 Broad Spectrum Sunscreen This is tinted for elegant facial sun protection and, as a BB cream, pulls triple duty as a moisturizer, makeup, and sunscreen. I recommend the hypoallergenic product that does not contain citrus essence because most patients have sensitive and allergy-prone skin. Suntegrity BB Cream Sunscreen is made with organic ingredients and non-nano zinc oxide. It does not contain any of the oxymoronic "organic" chemical sunscreen ingredients which are far from natural! best bb cream for dry to normal skin 2. MDSolar Sciences Mineral Tinted Cream   I recommend this product for oily skin for the same benefits. This product is also highly rated by Environmental Working Group (EWG). best sunscreen for oily skin 3. Mineral Makeup Add a dusting of natural mineral makeup on top of the above products, and you have additional protection as the mineral particles reflect light. Tip: the finer the makeup, the better, and I carry gossamer fine triple milled powder. best mineral makeup 4. Suntegrity Baby Natural Mineral Sunscreen For a non-tinted product that can be used on the face as well as the entire body, I recommend the hypoallergenic Suntegrity Baby Sunscreen, again without the citrus essence that taunts skin allergy. 20 5. Raw Elements Line For a tenacious, high-performance natural sunscreen, I recommend the Raw Elements line. This sunscreen was designed to stand up to one of the toughest sun exposure conditions - surfing! Agitating water filled with sun is a fast way to scrub sunscreen off skin, but luckily, Raw Elements is up to withstanding the challenge. The Raw Elements lotion is also very popular. 18 As an FYI, the FDA has decided that the use of the term “sunblock” is no longer allowed, and they require manufactures to use the term “sunscreen” on the label of all sun protection products. This is designed to help consumers better understand the protective mechanism of the products that screen but don't totally block UV rays. Because I know that many people still search on the web using the term "sunblock," I continue to write about it. But, we will see it phased out over time as everyone starts to change the name by which they know these products. I think it will be a good change. Until then, you will see me use both so that everyone can find the information they need to take good care of their skin.

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