It’s been a busy few weeks for OTB Skin Care and Dr. Cynthia Bailey on the internet!

Cynthia Bailey, MD|February 7, 2010

OTB Skin Care and I have been making new friends on the World Wide Web and we invite you to catch us in some new places!

  1. Please visit where  my guest article on Dermatologist's Tips for Dry, Flaky Skin on the Scalp was featured.  I describe seborrheic dermatitis (aka dandruff) and give simple recommendations for over the counter treatments that you can  use to control this common problem
  2. My guest blog post on 5 Tips To Control Exercise Acne was featured on  Here I explain exercise acne and recommend treatments including OTB SKIN Back Acne Kit and Noble Zinc Soap among other remedies for this very stubborn form of acne that affects the face, neck, back and chest.
  3. I was quoted on on the benefits of natural vegetable glycerin soaps for the care of dry, sensitive skin.
  4. My guest article Dermatologist's Advice For Your Chapped Hands was featured on
  5. The OTB UV Ray Detecto Ring was featured as one of the 9 Hot Beauty Gadgets on  Our little UV sensing key ring beads caught their editor's eye as a great tool for learning when age-causing UV sun rays threaten to damage your skin.

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