Calming Zinc Bar Soap®

My favorite skin cleanser! Naturally healing, unbelievably hydrating, and powerfully medicated to solve many of the most common skin conditions including facial and body dandruff, rosacea, and pityrosporum folliculitis type acne. Like the original Noble Zinc Soap, my new Calming Zinc ® Soap has a full 2% pyrithione zinc to treat your problem skin. 

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Calming Zinc ®'s natural and medicated ingredients treat many of the most common skin conditions including facial and body dandruff, rosacea, and pityrosporum folliculitis type acne. Made the old fashioned way, Calming Zinc ®'s healing ingredients are turned into a soothing medicated soap that's chock full of naturally hydrating glycerin. Restore your skin's natural health and have smooth, soft and naturally beautiful skin by using Calming Zinc ® as your skin cleanser.

Dr. Cynthia Bailey Wants You to Know

Like the original Noble Zinc Soap, my new Calming Zinc ® Soap has a full 2% pyrithione zinc to treat your problem skin. I've gone one step better and substituted shea butter instead of Calming Zinc ® Soap's emu oil to make it even more hydrating and healing. This animal free, plant based ingredient has the right combination of linoleic, oleic and stearic acids to soothe your inflamed and irritated skin.

Calming Zinc ® is handmade the old-fashioned way from natural, chemical free ingredients blended with powerful pyrithione zinc - no fillers, no cutting corners, just pure and healing ingredients:

  • Olive oil infused with calendula flowers (naturally anti-inflammatory)
  • Shea Butter (with moisturizing and healing linoleic, oleic and stearic acids)
  • Whole Oats (naturally anti-inflammatory)
  • 2% pyrithione zinc

Calming Zinc ® Soap is the best skin cleanser for you if you suffer from facial dandruff (seborrheic dermatitis), rosacea and pityrosporum folliculitis. If you have dry or sensitive skin, Calming Zinc ® cleans your skin without over-drying or irritating it. This is the perfect soap for your dry skin care. Calming Zinc ®'s soothing and hydrating ingredients will never leave you running to apply moisturizer after washing. Even my most sensitive skin patients tolerate this lovely hand crafted wonder! I myself rely on Calming Zinc ® soap every day to cleanse my own facial skin.

What My Customers Say

"I love that soap. I love the feel of it on the skin and I'm almost sorry to wash it off."  JT

"That soap you had me use - it's wonderful. I still have part of my first bar that I've used for over 1 1/2 years."  VL 

At a Glance
Ideal for these Conditions:             Regimen Steps:            Key Ingredients:                Preferences:
Hypoallergenic   Cleanse   Botanicals          Certified Organic Ingredients
Acne   Correct   Glycerine   Paraben-Free
Anti-Aging       Oats   Vegan                             
Seborrheic Dermatitis       Zinc Pyrithione    
Oily Skin   Application Area:   Olive Oil    
Rosacea   Body and Scalp   Shea Butter    
Eczema   Face        
Crepey Skin   Decolletez        

Calming Zinc ® Bar (3.25 oz.): 2% Pyrithione zinc, olive oil infused with calendula, shea butter, oatmeal.


Customer Reviews

Amazing product! Review by Debbie B

I'm 65 years old and have finally found the answer to the scales, redness and flakey skin between my eyebrows. I had tried countless remedies, with no results, until I discovered the Calming Zinc Bar. I can't overstate how awesome this product is. Since starting to use it about a year ago, I have had NO flakes, scales or redness at all...nothing but clear skin in my eyebrow area. I still can't believe how completely and quickly it worked! My only regret is that I didn't discover it 25 years ago. The bars last a long time, making them affordable, as well. Thank you, Cynthia Bailey. I've never been more impressed with a facial product!!

(Posted on 3/24/2017)

No Longer Flakey, Red Skin on Face Review by Quenton

A few years ago, the skin on certain parts of my face (corners of nose, under eyebrows, under facial hair, cheek bones under eyes, and upper lip) slowly began flaking off more and more. The flaky areas would often times be itchy and sensitive. Sometimes I'd peel the skin flakes off with tweezers, but the flakes would return. Other times, I'd scrape them off in the shower with soap and water (or sometimes harsher face products), but it didn't help for long.

My wife did some research and found this calming zinc bar that sounded well-suited for dealing with the issue on my face. We ordered one, bought a scrub glove, and I began applying it daily to my entire face. I soon saw things clear up, and have been extremely satisfied with how well this method has kept the flakiness, redness, irritation, itchiness, and sensitivity at bay. My face looks totally normal now. I've been using it every time I shower for years now.

(Posted on 3/6/2017)

Great for sensitive skin! Review by Natalie

My skin is irritated by everything. I have to use dye free feagrance free ultra gentle everything, and even then it still gets angry sometimes. For a while I thought about living in a bubble, but then I stumbled across this site after researching seborrheic dermatitis. The bar is very mild but still makes my skin feel clean. I even tried it as a shampoo bar, and that felt pretty great as well. I now use the zinc foaming cleanser as shampoo, and this as face and body wash. The combination (along with a moisturizing conditioner) has left my skin and hair in great condition. No more scaly red patches, no more dried out feeling, no more overproducing oil. My blackheads have cleared up and friends have commented on how balanced my skin looks. It also lasted a long time, took about three months to use my first bar and I shower almost everyday.

(Posted on 12/23/2016)

My go to cleanser for flare ups Review by Sallie

This soap is great and lasts a long time. Occasionally my face flares up and starts peeling and turns horribly red and irritated. This soap and various other products calms it right down and shortens the healing process. Love!

(Posted on 8/24/2016)

Has calmed rosacea down, using it morning and night. However... Review by Linda Hopson

I have a bad lower back and washing face in shower is no problem. Since I bought this bar, I have been washing my face at night at the sink, but it hurts my back to bend over and rise, and I'm not nuts about using a washcloth to rinse it off--doesn't feel rinsed enough and don't want to buy/store/wash a bunch of washcloths.... And I don't really want to take another shower at night. I see that Toleriane's directions say you can put it on and wipe it off. But i see in one of your blogs that you always want us to rinse off cleansers. Any advice?

(Posted on 6/26/2016)