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Ultra-Fast Body Smoothing Triple Action Skin Care Kit

Ultra-Fast Body Smoothing Triple Action Skin Care Kit

Product Review (submitted on April 25, 2019):

As I rounded into my late 30's I noticed that my body skin was suddenly getting crepey. Parts of my body skin were getting drier and drier, and one day, under my arms, there was suddenly a saggy accumulation of skin. The crepe. No bueno.

Watching Dr. Bailey on social media, I learned that glycolic acid wash + salux cloth + glycolic lotion could fix the crepe. So I got a Glytone kit. I loved the effects. The crepe was gone! But I HATED the consistency. It was too thick to go on easily, so I was trying to mix it with other lotions to get it to spread across my skin. I still have some of that product left, but got so annoyed with the application that I stopped using it. So I recently upgraded to Dr. Bailey's Glycolic Acid 15% body lotion and it applies PERFECTLY!

The Triple action exfoliating cleanser doubles as my facial cleaner of choice (Honestly raving hard about it in my last review). I heartily recommend this product for anyone over the age of 35. Shoot, I wish I had known about this in my early 30's because I'd have the skin of a babe if I had been using it preventatively. But as it is, I'll count my blessing and keep using this product religiously, because IT WORKS!