Skin Product Applicator Tools

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  1. Back Applicator Refill Sponges  1051

    Back Applicator Refill Sponges

    Each packet contains 2 replacement sponges.

  2. Holiday Mineral Makeup Gift Set  1262

    Holiday Mineral Makeup Gift Set

    Italians use the phrase ‘mi piace’ when they are expressing that something is pleasing or beautiful.  The phrase, literally translated, says ‘it gives me pleasure’.  This gossamer fine mineral makeup and silk bag ‘give me pleasure’ and have for years.  I love to give them as gifts.

  3. Makeup Brush Set  1196

    Makeup Brush Set

    Beautiful, economical, and ethically sourced professional brush set and tasteful tie pouch.
  4. Back Applicator  1050

    Back Applicator

    Not everyone has flexible shoulders and the Back Applicator reaches where the shoulders can't.


View All 4 Products For This Search

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Skin Product Applicator Tools
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