Dermatologist explains what you need to know about ceramides and skin care.

Ceramides are important for healthy skin. You can boost ceramide content in your skin when you use skin care products that contain them.

How ceramides benefit skin.

Ceramides are part of the mortar that holds you dead skin cell layer together. This layer, called the stratum corneum, is your ‘waterproofing’ barrier. It keeps your skin supple and protects it from irritation, dryness and chapping. Stratum corneum structure is made of protein ‘bricks’ imbedded in a mortar of lipids. 50% of the lipid 'mortar' is made of up of ceramides - ceramides are important for keeping your skin supple and your skin barrier healthy. These precious ceramide lipids can become damaged and lost with age and harsh skin exposures, leading to skin fragility, dryness and inflammation.

Benefits of adding ceramides in your skin care.

Topical application of these skin-identical lipids has the potential to restore lost skin lipids essential for barrier health, increase skin hydration, reduce skin moisture loss, and prevent skin inflammation.

Add products to your skin care routine that contain ceramides and you will help to restore these important lipids that can be damaged and lost over time.


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