Have you ever had a blistering sunburn?

Even one before the age of 18 doubles your risk of Melanoma. Dr. Bailey is here to help!

You will learn about:

The damage sunburns do to your skin

The 4 steps to halt & reverse the appearance of sun damage.

The 2 types of tans & the truth behind the 'base tanning' myth

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Sunburn guide ebook

How to maintain a golden glow without tanning

Finally Understand Your UV Exposure with Dr. Bailey's Help

"I read about sun protection, but dear Cynthia, no one provides recommendations with as much clarity and detail as you. I carry my detecto ring with me, and now know when I am in UV. I always wondered how much protection I need in the water and now I finally know. Thank you." Ernestine P.

"Zinc oxide sunscreens are the best!...(On my cruise vacation) other people were using SPF50s and burning. Because mine had zinc it worked and my skin didn't burn like theirs." Brenda W.

With Dr. Bailey's 35+ Years of Clinical Dermatology Practice and Her Clear and Simple Explanations You Will:

Know how to avoid sunburns.

Learn how to treat a sunburn you may have now.

Learn how to help your skin control the damage from past sunburns.

Learn how to reverse the appearance and symptoms from your past sun exposure.