It's Time to Prepare Your Skin for The Season

best spring skin care tips

Spring is the transition from winter to summer. You need to transition the way you take care of your skin to meet the significant change in seasons just like you need to wear different clothing to be comfortable. Spring skin care is important.

The biggest issues for your skin are:

Issue #1 - Transition from cold and dehumidified air to warm and more humid (or at least less-drying) air.

Winter skin struggles to stay moisturized and hydrated, often resulting in chalky scale and crusty scale stuck on age spots. Feet are also often rough and unsightly. The ideal fix is adding glycolic acid to your skin care routine!

Professional glycolic acid will allow chalky scale, rough crust and cracking thick heels to exfoliate into dewy, smooth skin. It will also tell your skin to make more hyaluronic acid to increase youthful, dewy luster.

Use glycolic acid on your body and feet, and you will be ready to expose nice looking skin in summer fashions. Hurry, warm weather is around the corner (thank goodness)!

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Issue #2 - Pityrosporum folliculitis – (what?!)

This skin problem is a form of acne due to a normal skin yeast microbe that flourishes in humid, warm weather. My quick fix is in my Back Acne Kit and Calming Zinc Soap.

If you suffer from funny pimples in warm weather, be prepared.

And, if you tolerate back acne all winter because you can cover it up, get crackin' on fixin' it now!

My Back Acne Kit has the best topical products for the job.

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What are the signs of pityrosporum folliculitis?

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Issue #3 – Skin-friendly, spring cleaning supplies and hand care SOS.

Can you feel it in spring – the urge to clean and refresh your stuff?? I get the spring cleaning bug every year and practically need a support group to help temper my zeal to pull out everything and clean behind it!

Spring cleaning is the perfect recipe for irritant hand dermatitis and contact dermatitis from home cleaning products. And I’ve got you dermatologically-covered with hypoallergenic and non-toxic cleaning products and hand care SOS.

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Did you know that some home cleaning products contain a variety of dubious ingredients that are known to cause biologic trouble?

These include propylene glycol and glycol ethers that can be hormone disruptors and cause immune wheezing and eczema. Yep, it’s true.

And there can also be other ingredients like: fragrance, phthalates, nonylphenol ethoxylates, formaldehyde, volatile organic compounds, etc.

Cleaning can be a real exposure misadventure!

I’ve struggled for years to help my uber-sensitive patients find truly hypoallergenic home cleaning products. I took control (a long story on why that’s my go-to solution to problem solving) and my Spray and Concentrate Home Cleaners are just that.

Now, I’ve got two options for you because some cleaning chores need a spray and some need a bucket of soapy water.

Chuck the allergens, irritants and dubious ingredients in commercial products. Instead, go really hypoallergenic and truly natural with these products. And, they clean really well too!

Start your spring skin care routine now!


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