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16 Million Americans Suffering From Rosacea?

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You will learn about:

The 4 types of Rosacea

Differentiating between Acne and Rosacea

Developing a proper Rosacea skin care regimen

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Lifestyle changes that improve Rosacea

Dr. Bailey's Unique Take On Rosacea Begins With:

The "rules" you need to know about rosacea and skin care and how you can be equipped with tools to create a holistic foundation for healthy control of your rosacea.

Understanding that rosacea is a lifelong skin condition and there are choices you can make that support your rosacea remission.

"My issues with rosacea seem quite small, but my journey, with you by my side, has been meaningful... I have learned from you that all steps, small and large, can make a big difference." - Jennifer G.