This holiday season, be ‘that’ amazing person who gives the gifts that really hit the spot! Be a mind reader, angel of mercy, and thoughtful loved one because you found unique gifts that fix frustrating skin issues so many of us have. Dermatologist Dr. Cynthia Bailey has the most effective and easy-to-use kits for common skin problems. And for this special holiday season she has curated a selection of her top sellers, at discounted holiday prices so you can share the gift of great skin with your loved ones! 

Who do you need gifts for? The busy host or hostess in your life who invited you to dinner, your kids' teachers, your favorite barista, niece or nephew, a grandkid, brother or sister, or mom or dad? Be 'that' person whose gift is appreciated with daily use, reminding them of your thoughtfulness. Dr. Bailey makes it easy!

These unique gifts are discounted for the holidays and delivered beautifully wrapped.

Moisture Quench for Busy Hands $20

This is the perfect host or hostess gift this holiday season with special discounted holiday pricing. It's also the perfect gift for your kids' teachers and all the other generous, hardworking folks you want to thank.

Stand out with this unique and thoughtful acknowledgment of their hard work and contributions to your life that you appreciate so much. Giving them this dermatologist-developed Moisture Quench Kit for Busy Hands will solve their dry hand woes. Dry and chapped hands are common in the winter, and this kit provides the relief they crave and need. Everyone who uses Dr. Bailey’s Dry Skin Hand Cream becomes obsessed:

The hand cream is amazing! My hands looked 10 years younger when I was using it every night after just 2 weeks. Even right after I put it on they look younger. You know, it also doesn’t seem to wash off. When I ran out, my hands were chapped, and the skin actually started hurting again. I think in the winter I would recommend using it morning and night. MM, California 2016

Dr. Bailey combines the Dry Skin Cream with her ultra-gentle but highly cleansing Foaming Hand Soap in this kit.  These two products are the perfect simple solution for parched, overworked hands. Her instructions, included with your gift, recommend to your recipient that they keep the soap and cream on the counter of their most used sink. Your gift will be a daily reminder to your recipient of your thoughtful appreciation for all that they do.

The Moisture Quench for Busy Hands gift comes in a gift bag, so you are ready to gift-away to all the hosts, hostesses, teachers, baristas and other folks you want to shower with appreciation. Spread holiday cheer and relief for dry hands this season.

Holiday Mineral Makeup Gift Set $66 with brushes, $39 without brushes

Mi piace skin care that shimmers like jewels. Dr. Cynthia Bailey

Italians use the phrase ‘Mi piace’ when they are expressing that something is pleasing or beautiful.  The phrase, literally translated, means ‘It gives me pleasure.'  This gossamer fine mineral makeup and silk bag have given Dr. Bailey pleasure for years.  She loves this gorgeous gift, and you will too with our special discounted prices for this holiday season!

This year we have taken the guesswork out of giving this favorite makeup kit so that you can easily give a gift that shimmers like jewels to delight the eye of your discerning makeup lovers. Our gift set includes a beautiful silk-blend cosmetic bag that holds all the soft and eco-conscious makeup brushes your recipient needs to apply Dr. Bailey’s gossamer fine and triple milled mineral powders. Know that your gift will shimmer like jewels enhancing the natural beauty of your recipient’s complexion.

Customize your gift for a daytime look in lighter hues or a dramatic evening look with bolder hues perfect for creating the popular ‘smoky eye’ style that everyone loves right now.

Your gift includes:

Ultimate Holiday Acne Kit for Sensitive Skin $32

Is there a niece, nephew or another teen in your life that is silently struggling with acne? Show you care and take their stress away from having to ask for help. Give them this complete skin care routine that dermatologist Dr. Bailey developed to treat the most common causes of acne. Be that special loved one who really scores the ‘home-run’ gift this year with our discounted holiday acne kit.

My nephew swears by your acne products. I got them for him because he had bad acne. He cleared up and looked great for a long time until he ran out and then he started breaking out again. I’m getting more product for him today because he doesn’t want to admit he needs help but he loves it. It’s a great Christmas present because kids like my nephew won’t get it themselves but they'll be thrilled to receive it. MM, California 2016

Holiday Kit for Facial Redness Relief $68

If someone you love is suffering from facial redness, then giving them this Holiday Facial Redness Relief Kit will make your gift the best they have ever their life. Facial redness is embarrassing and common. It is usually due to rosacea or seborrhea, and it almost always improves with the use of this simple kit. Take advantage of our special holiday pricing on this top selling kit.

Dr. Bailey created this popular Facial Redness Relief Kit, and it works for people ‘far and wide’. This kit also helps clear up dry flaking skin in the eyebrows, around the nose, and beard or chin area. If someone on your gift list has facial redness or flaking then giving them this Redness Relief Kit is almost like being a fairy godmother or godfather, as well as a lovely gift giver. Their gratitude will be felt every day when they look in the mirror and are relieved of the embarrassment of having facial redness or flaky skin. The solution really is this simple in most facial redness cases. Be a superstar this holiday season.

Thank you for offering real help with the facial redness relief kit! My confidence and outlook are so much better. PK, Puget Sound 2016

eGift Certificates

Want to give your recipients the option of browsing Dr. Bailey’s pages and creating their own skin care gift? It’s easy with a gift card! You chose the amount and your recipient can create their ideal dermatologist-recommended skin care routine for having a healthy and problem-free complexion.

Choose your amount from $20-$500 and have it delivered directly to the recipients mail box, or to yourself to print and hand to them.