Your Complexion and Appearance Reflect What You Eat!

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You will learn about:

The impact food has on your skin and health

How to build a foundation of healthy eating

The science behind Dr. Bailey's recommended Food Pyramid

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How to jumpstart a new lifestyle with a 14-day menu

"I have been doing the alkaline diet for a while now. I've struggled with acne for almost 10 years now, and I've cleared up drastically. I also lost 25 pounds!

I think you're 100% right about the diet - it works wonders on the body and mind. It really isn't a diet but more of a lifestyle; it's also just the right way to eat."


With 40 Years of Nutrition Science & Research, Dr. Bailey Has Found 3 Diet Realities:

  1. You can't continuously fill your body full of bad food and expect vitamin supplements to keep you attractive and well

  2. Food is medicine, and just like poorly prescribed medicine, it can also harm your health and skin.

  3. There are no magic foods that "fix" what ails a body. Your body needs a nutritional environment where it consistently receives what it needs, which still leaves room for an occasional treat.