Skin Cancer Treatment and Prevention
Get My Dermatologist-Recommended Tips for Preventing Skin Cancer

If your skin is at higher risk for skin cancer I recommend that you choose skin care products that may lower your skin cancer risk. This means more than just adding sun screen to your daily skin care regimen.  I've developed skin care recommendations that seem to reduce my patients likelihood of developing skin cancers in the over 20 years that I have practiced dermatology, taken care of thousands of skin cancer patients, and followed the scientific research on skin cancer.

These skin care recommendations that I've developed for my patients are the same recommendations that I use for myself:

1. Of course, first and foremost, you need to keep the sun off of your skin. We all know that people prone to skin cancer can really decrease their skin cancer risk by using good sun protection practices. This includes wearing a broad spectrum sunscreen on their exposed skin every day. I'm convinced that the best sunscreen ingredient for reliable, full UVA and UVB protection is microsized zinc oxide and my sunscreens all contain over 5% of this time-tested ingredient! It's also important to wear a full brim hat and clothes that protect your skin from the sun. Please see my sun protection information included on the SunSavvy Kit, Ultimate Protection page.

2. In addition, there's now evidence that if you apply a high concentration vitamin C skin care product to your skin, such as Vitamin C Anti-Wrinkle Professional Treatment Serum, you can get some partial protection from free radicals that form during sun exposure. Free radicals damage the skin leading to skin cancer. The quality of vitamin C products are tricky to judge and I think Vitamin C Anti-Aging Professional Treatment Serum is the best and most stable vitamin C skin care product made. 

 3. There is also new evidence that irritated skin is more likely to develop skin cancer than non-irritated skin. For that reason, I like to treat skin inflammation, especially on the face. To do this, I use Calming Zinc ® Bar Soap, and Replenix CF Cream as part of a maintenance skin care regimen for skin cancer prone people. In addition, laboratory studies have shown that the combination of green tea antioxidants and caffeine applied to the skin can reduce skin cancer formation. Replenix CF Cream has a high concentration of both the right green tea antioxidants and caffeine, and in my practice I've observed that my patients who use it every day develop fewer precancers than they did before they began using Replenix CF Cream.

4. Scientific studies also suggest that you may develop fewer skin cancers if you use prescription tretinoin based creams such as Retin-A. If you're interested in using Retin A or Renova, see your dermatologist.

5. Finally, you should eat a low fat diet. Interestingly, there is evidence that eating a low fat diet can lower the risk of developing skin cancer.

Most skin cancers occur on the head and neck, so I focus most of my product advice on these areas. In summary, my specific recommendations for people serious about reducing their risk of skin cancer are:

  1. Cleanse their facial skin with Calming Zinc ® Bar Soap,
  2. Use my Anti-Aging Antioxidant Facial Skin Care Kit,
  3. Use perscription tretinoin cream,
  4. Try to eat a diet low in fats!
  5. Wear a full brim hat with a 3-5 inch brim when you are outdoors for any significant period of time.

For the rest of your body, my advice for reducing skin cancer is to keep the sun off of your skin! Please see my SunSavvy, Daily Wear Protection kit.