Return Policy

We have a limited return policy because we cannot restock returned goods, and we have to absorb the cost.  If you wish to return a product, please review this policy in full and then call us to discuss the reason you wish to return your product.

Return Procedure

1. To initiate a return, contact us at or 1-888-467-0177 or 1-707-829-5780 to obtain a return authorization number within 14 days of shipment (3 days for shipment damage or defects). It is mandatory that the return authorization number must be clearly marked on the outside of the packaging. Any returns sent without the return authorization clearly marked will not be accepted or opened. Return acceptance is at the sole discretion of Dr. Bailey Skin Care.  No return will be considered more than 14 days after shipment.
2. The returned items must contain at least 75% of their original amount of product and include all parts, pieces, and printed material to be eligible for a refund.
3. If the product is part of a kit, collection, or gift basket, the refund will be determined by subtracting the retail price of the nondefective items that you retain. 
4. To ensure that your returns are received by Dr. Bailey Skin Care, LLC, please make sure to add insurance to your parcel through your mail delivery service. Lost shipments are your responsibility.
5. Shipping and handling costs are your responsibility and will not be reimbursed – only the product cost of authorized returns is refunded.
6. There is a 15% return fee on all returned items unless we determine the item was defective when it left our office.
7. Allow 2 weeks for us to process your return once we receive your returned items.

Read Product Instructions.

Prior to using our products, please ensure that you have read and understand all the directions on the product label and on our website, so that you will be able to apply the product correctly. We find that the majority of skin reactions that occur are caused by misunderstanding the proper use of these powerful professional products.

Make Up Products and Brushes are Non-Refundable.

Hats that have not been used and have original tags attached may be returned for a refund.

Higher Strength Products Not Refundable as Too Strong.

The website explains that you are encouraged to begin professional product routines at the lowest strength levels.  Therefore, no refund or exchange will be given if you ordered a product that is too strong for your skin type, meaning it is stronger than the entry-level strength.

Product Damage in Shipment or Defective.

If the item you receive is damaged in shipment or defective, you must contact us within 3 days of receipt to initiate a return. 

Problems with Pump Mechanism.

Is the product's pump not working? A number of our products use a sophisticated air-tight pump technology to ensure that your product ingredients stay active, and to prevent contamination. These pumps can be finicky and sometimes need a little finesse to prime the pumping mechanism for the first time. If you are having trouble using a product with a pump please try the following steps before contacting us:

1. Shake the product
2. Place a towel on a firm surface
3. Turn the product upside down and gently tap on the towel with the lid on
4. Pump several times
5. Repeat 

Products dispensed in the more traditional pumps can be fussy too, and may need to be "primed". To do this, ensure that the pump is rotated to the "open" position. Holding the bottle upright, give the bottle a shake downward to be sure that the cream or lotion is sitting in the base/bottom of the bottle without airspace. Then depress the pump many times until the pump is sufficiently "primed" with the cream/lotion. At this point the pump should function properly and the cream/lotion should flow normally from the pump dispenser.

Cancelling an Order

If you would like to cancel or change an order that you've just placed, please call 1-888-467-0177 or 1-707-829-5780 or email us at as soon as possible. We will try to accommodate your request; however, orders for items that have already been shipped cannot be cancelled.