Will it snow in Sonoma County tomorrow?

Cynthia Bailey, MD|February 24, 2011

We already have snow capped hills.  The view from my office over the Laguna de Santa Rosa yesterday showed the geysers puffing away in the cold.  The prediction is still on for snow at sea level tomorrow and I'm like a kid waiting for it.

Being born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, the idea of snow at home still excites me. Even though the forecast says that the snow won't linger on the ground, I'm still excited.  My citrus trees don't share my anticipation, but I've covered them so they'll be fine.  My birdbath wasn't frozen this morning so it must be warmer than yesterday.  Hmmm

I was in San Francisco's Union Square a number of years ago when snow fell from the sky. The excitement was contagious.  People on the street stared up, smiled, laughed, talked to each other and just plain stopped what they were doing to marvel at it. I know I'm not the only Bay Areaite to find sea level snow magical here.  So, I'm holding my breath, looking for the signs..... and if snow falls, I'm running outdoors to experience it.  Maybe a few of my patients will run outside with me.


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