Why The Right Skin Care For Your Skin Type Matters!

Cynthia Bailey, MD|March 5, 2012

I just received a great 'thank you' email from one of my wonderful customers and it rocks!

I would just like to say that I have struggled with terrible skin conditions for the past few years and they were getting progressively worse.  Upon finding Dr. Bailey's website and reading her many blog posts, I realized that what I had was a combination of rosacea and seborrheic dermatitis (facial dandruff), which were causing the redness, facial flushing, and clogged pores.  I immediately ordered the Redness Relief Kit and my skin just continues to get better!   I have since ordered many of her other products including her new mineral makeup which I can't wait to receive!    Thank you Dr. Bailey!     Angie C

This is why I keep writing about skin care.  For me, teaching you about skin problems and how to pick the right products for your skin type is so satisfying.  I've got years of tricks up my sleeve for the most common skin problems and I'm chomping at the bit to share them. Angie's 'thank you' popped up in my email as I was working at my computer on some new skin care kits for the web site.  These new kits have more of my favorite product combos to fix the sorts of common skin problems that I see in my dermatology practice.  I'm eager to get them out to you all and I love when they help you.......and thanks Angie for sending me your story, it rocks to know that your skin is better!

To see Angie and my favorite Facial Redness Relief Kits click here

Photo, thanks and gratitude to Perrimoon

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