What are Infographics?

Cynthia Bailey, MD|January 5, 2017

Infographics are graphic or pictorial ways to relay information. I love them, and they are a highly popular on the web! They are fun to share on your social media. They are also a great way communicate a lot of information (that might otherwise be a bit dense) in a digestible and visually interesting way.

Apparently, experts have found that infographics are easy on the brain and a great way to learn a lot without visual word overload. I'm a big infographic fan, and so I’ve created infographics for you that cover a number of skin health and skin care topics.

Have you seen my dermatology and health infographics?

My dermatology and skin health infographic topics range from sun protection and skin cancer to how to apply self tanner. I’ve got one on the BRCA gene too. Take a look and please share them. Your friends will learn more, quicker, better and in an enjoyable ‘bite’ with an infographic!

Here are my favorite dermatology infographics - let me know what you think - I made them to be shared!


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