Tribute To The Summer Solstice In Sonoma County

Cynthia Bailey, MD|June 21, 2010

Glorious blue sky and the sound of sprinklers-summer is here! If you asked the golden grasses in Sonoma County they would tell you that spring is over.  The corn and tomato plants in my vegetable garden agree, as do the birds that just finished off the cherries on my tree. Here in Sonoma County we get our entire year's rainfall between October and June.  Normally gray rain clouds are punctuated by bright blue skies, but this year it was one long gray march to summer.   The up side to months of Scotland-like weather: happy water tables, full reservoirs and spring plant colors that dazzled.   I was particularly taken in by the pinks.  Pink flowers were everywhere-soft pinks, brilliant pinks, double pinks-I'll remember spring 2010 in Sonoma County as PRETTY IN PINK and I snapped lots of photos when the sky did give us a sunny break.  They're my tribute to spring and my welcome to summer.  Happy summer solstice! Wishing you  lots of BBQ's, tomatoes and languid days this summer.

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