The Secret To Getting Amazing Anti Aging Skin Care Results Almost Overnight

Cynthia Bailey, MD|September 20, 2010

Are you happy with how your skin looks? Have you 'hit the wall' with results while still using the best anti-aging skin care products you can find? Get yourself over the wall by 'powering up' your skin care strategy. Between summers is the best time for the skin treatments that make the difference. Figure out what your skin needs to reach a new level. Usually it's one of the new non-surgical anti aging procedures. Adding the right procedure to a great foundation of anti-aging skin care products is almost like magic; it's the muscle needed to get you over the wall to healthier, more beautiful skin...... fast. The best non-surgical, anti-aging skin procedures today are laser treatments, photo facial light treatments, fillers and Botox. Botox and fillers can easily be done year-round but laser and light treatments are best done now when you're out of the sun. These treatments help to create smoother skin, improve acne scaring and treat unwanted skin pigmentation and discoloration.

The best laser and light treatments for facial skin rejuvenation are:

Photo Facial Light Treatments (also called IPL or BBL) to treat unwanted skin hyperpigmentation from age spots and sun spots, discoloration from acne, and 'broken capillaries' from rosacea and sun damage. Powerful pulsations of light enter the surface of the skin, targeting pigment and capillaries. Extra pigment in age spots and freckles turns instantly dark and the spots grow out and off your skin over the next two weeks. Capillaries on the other hand disappear immediately. Typically a series of five treatments is needed to achieve results, and then maintenance treatments at 6 to 12 month intervals keep skin in top shape. Treatments take about 30 minutes and there's little to no down time. IPL treatments often have the added side benefit of refining the appearance of the pores and they may even stimulate new collagen formation. In my opinion, IPL treatments are an essential component of a serious anti aging skin care strategy for Fitzpatrick skin types 1 through 3 (fair to brunette Caucasian skin). Fractionated Laser Treatments to treat wrinkles and are great acne scarring treatments because they stimulate collagen to form right under the surface of the skin, where it shows the most. The laser beam creates tiny channels into the skin, which your body heals by laying down new collagen to tighten and remodel skin texture, but which are so small that treated skin does not have the shiny redness seen with older lasers. I prefer an erbium laser, like the Sciton Profractional because it has less risk of causing any redness at all than do CO2 lasers (e.g., the Fraxel). Typically a series of two to four treatments is necessary, spaced at 4 to 6 week intervals and maintenance treatments yearly help keep your skin in top shape. Laser treatments may have down time. Laser Resurfacing Skin Peels to resurface skin texture and treat wrinkles, stimulate collagen and can help to even skin discoloration from age spots and sun spots. As with fractionated laser treatments, there are erbium and CO2 lasers that are commonly used, and I prefer the erbium because it has less risk of causing skin redness. Typically I recommend a treatment series spaced at four to six weeks and annual maintenance treatments. We have the Sciton Profractional laser and BBL intense pulsed light machine in our office and a pretreatment consultation with one of our dermatologists is necessary to fit the best treatment to your particular skin problems. The three treatments above can be combined in one session to maximize results while minimizing down time. Skin rejuvenation with facial peels and microdermabrasion treatments are also great ways to brighten your complexion. Aesthetician level peels and microdermabrasion treatments are excellent options to gently even pigmentation and possibly even stimulate collagen formation over time. They should be an an integral part of any serious anti aging skin care regimen. Skin usually looks terrific immediately after the procedure and there is usually no down time. I recommend the treatments be spaced at six-week intervals and coupled with a facial. Physician level deeper acid facial skin peels can be done in place of laser peels. I typically recommend they be done at three- to six-month intervals. As with laser treatments, my office requires a pretreatment consultation to best fit the treatments to your particular skin problems. Today we have many highly effective non-surgical procedures for skin rejuvenation. The signs of aging skin and sun damage are more reversible than ever before and it's now possible to have healthy, beautiful skin for your entire life. A regimen of professional anti aging skin care combined with the latest non-surgical anti aging procedures is the ultimate strategy to get the skin you want ….. and now, between summers, is the best time of year to have these treatments done. Related Posts: Serious Anti Aging Skin Care; The Winning Strategy How To Correctly Use Retin A (tretinoin) For Acne & Anti Aging How To Get The Most Out Of Your Anti Aging Skin Care Skip The Tan and Eat Your Veggies For Beautiful Skin Color Photo: Thanks and gratitude to Giuseppe Bognanni

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