The Best SunSavvy Summer Skin Care

Cynthia Bailey, MD|July 17, 2011

Skin-baring fashionSkimpy summer fashions put you skin on display.

  • Are you proud of how great your skin looks in summer clothes?
  • Do you have a sure-fire strategy to protect it from sun damage?

Skin care is seasonal and in summer that's especially true!  There are a few simple tricks for the best summer skin care  so that you can show off great skin and take good care of it at the same time. What's your wish list for summer skin care?

  • Smooth, moist skin that's velvety soft and has even skin color.  The perfect skin to peak out from  shorts, sundresses  and short sleeved shirts.
  • Skin with a warm, healthy golden glow that didn't cost you DNA damage.
  • Acne-free back and chest skin without embarrassing zits.
  • Knowing how to get a smooth shave during summer's 'shaving season' instead of getting red shaving bumps and shaving pimples when you shave.
  • Healthy soft feet that look great in sandals; finally finding a treatment to fix rough, cracked heels.
  • Getting rid of skin tags or crusty age spots so that the skin that shows looks healthy and smooth.
  • Figuring out an easy, practical sun protection strategy that gives you the best sun protection and prevents wrinkles and DNA damage while you spend time outdoors.

Hang on to your hat, here we go........

Dermatologist's quick tricks to whip your skin into shape for summer's skin-baring fashions:

Pick your goal and click the link for my patient proven skin care tricks: Soft, Hydrated Skin With Even Skin Color The best skin care products and treatments to get soft, moisturized skin use an AHA (alpha hydroxy acid) moisturizer and physical exfoliation.  Whether you're a guy or gal, this trick will brighten, soften and hydrate your skin texture.  AHA's help treat uneven skin color too.  The best way to do this is with the professional AHA products, sponge and use instructions that I developed for myself (my 40th birthday present from me to me!) and my patients.  I call it my Anti-Aging Body Kit and it's kept my skin in great shape for the last 13 years.  Click here for it:  Anti-Aging Body Skin Care Kit. A Healthy Tan For us fair skinned folks, nothing says summer more than getting a little skin color.  Be smart and get your color without the DNA damage that comes with a suntan.  Use self-tanners (correctly) and eat foods high in beta carotene.  You're skin will look better than if you got your color from the sun. There are tricks to having a natural and even application of self tanner (not the orange-streaked alligator look).  Click here to read my post:

Use Self Tanners Like A Pro.

To entice you to give it a try, use coupon code BLOG when you buy my Avene Self Tanning Lotion and a Body Buf Puf Sponge and get 10% off of these products.

Are you shocked that I also recommend eating beta carotene rich foods to color your skin from the inside out?  It works!  See what a scientific study had to say about how great it looks:

Skip The Tan and Eat Your Veggies For Beautiful Skin Color

The Best Treatment To Fix The Rough, Thick Skin on Your Feet Whip your feet into sandal ready shape with exfoliation designed specifically for feet.  You need strong AHA products and exfoliation that gets rid of all that rough dead skin.  You may even have a little athletes foot that needs treating and you can use non-prescription creams for that.  My two feet renovation posts are:

Dermatologists 3 Simple Steps For Sandal Ready Feet By Spring (ok, yes it's already summer, but the trick is timeless and it's never too late)

Dermatologists Simple Tips For Athlete's Foot Fungus Treatment

The Best Treatment For Back and Chest Acne To Get Your Skin Acne-Free ASAP Summer's actually a great time to treat acne. Chest and back acne are real spoilers.  Sweating often makes this type of acne worse.  Be sure to shower off a soon as possible after sweating and use my Back Acne Kit to get the medicated ingredients that work best for this type of acne. If you have acne on your face, back and chest read:

Dermatologist's Summer Skin Care Advice For Acne

(If you just need to clear up the acne on your face, try one of my OTB Skin Acne Treatment Kits.  They contain the strongest amount of the best medicated acne treatment ingredients you can use without a doctor's prescription.) The Best Way To Get A Smooth Shave Without Red Shaving Bumps and Pimples Summer is 'shaving season' so it's also 'shaving bump season'.  To get a smooth shave you need to know the most common causes of shaving bumps:

  1. A dull razor
  2. Germs that aren't yours but that get into your hair follicles.  Yep!  Don't ever share your razor because shaving causes tiny cuts in your skin and we all have different skin germ.  Don't share your razor with family or even your best friend because you're putting yourself at risk for getting their skin germs in your hair follicles, and this is one of the big causes of shaving bumps.
  3. Germs from your shower that got into your razor and then got into your hair follicles when you shaved.  Know how to properly care for your razor to prevent this.  Read:

Tips To Prevent Skin Infection From Your Shower Sponge and Razor.

The Best Treatments For Skin Tags and Crusty Age Spots Finally ready to get rid of those embarrassing skin tags around your neck and arm pits?  They are so easily removed by a dermatologist.  Learn more about these common and unfortunately 'decorative' skin growths in my post:

What Is The Best Way To Remove Skin Tags?

For anyone over about 40 it may just be an accumulation of age spots that's making your skin look crusty and rough.  Learn more about treating these in my post:

Dermatologist's Skin Care Tricks To Get Rid Of Thick And Crusty Age Spots On Your Skin

Finding The Best Sun Protection For Your Skin

I covered my advice for sun protection and antioxidant skin care back-up protection in my first post of this series:

The Best SunSavvy Summer Skin Care For Summer

....... and there you have it, dermatologist's tricks for great summer skin.  Tune it up and show it off safely! Photo: Thanks and Gratitude to Shandilee

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