The Best Diet For Weight Loss in 2012

Cynthia Bailey, MD|January 3, 2012

The New York Times Well Blog recently published an article called "The Fat Trap" which outlined all the reasons why weight loss never lasts.  The article gave convincing evidence that maintaining weight loss is a full time job for most people requiring complete vigilance, organization and a fair amount of deprivation.  The focus was on weight loss and the solutions were the usual quantity limitations of modern Western processed foods.  I cringed, it's completely depressing unless you question the entire notion, which of course I do. My favorite healthy lifestyle blogger, Debby, The Healthy Librarian has a great post that's a must read for all of us. In her sound, rational medical librarian way she always keeps her fingers on the pulse of the 'real' medical literature for diet, exercise and lifestyle.  She brings the 'fat trap' discussion back to the real issue and points out the obvious solution. Debby's 'nail on the head' solution is one that rarely get's 'air time' in main stream media.  It's also a solution that, based on real medical studies, works miracles for your heart health, belly fat woes, aging mental acuity, diabetes and cholesterol problems, cancer risks and even erectile dysfunction (yes really, cardiovascular disease has been associated with erectile dysfunction). Cruise over to her site and digest what she has to say.  I'd even recommend subscribing to her site because her articles are all 100% valuable.  Let the Healthy Librarian be your medical librarian for the sound healthy lifestyle advances that come out in the 'real' medical literature, it's what I do.

Click here and the link will take you to her site and her post on the 'Fat Trap'

Fat Trap and The HealthyLibrarian

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