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Cynthia Bailey, MD|June 27, 2016

Sporting golden skin is a summer ritual for many, yet we all know that sun exposure and tanning damages skin.  Remember, that first tan of summer will land you with leathery freckles by summer's end.  It will also set your fate for thin, wrinkled and fragile skin down the road.  Don't be tempted for the sake of "beauty"!  Some of the impact of sun-exposure is seen immediately and some takes years, but damage occurs whether you have a tan or a sunburn.  To understand just how devastating even one tan can be, read the sad truth here.

If you are someone who wants a golden glow to your summer skin, what are your healthy choices? 

You have 3 great options to get a warm, healthy, golden-glow to your skin this summer:

1.  Use self-tanners like an artist.  Find a product you like and that layers with your other products.  Avene Self Tanner has a nice and light texture.  It’s easy to layer under your moisturizer or sunscreen.  I've used it for years layered under Glytone Body Lotion or my All Natural Lotion

2.  Apply a really good tinted sunscreen to your face.  Suntegrity 5 in 1 BB Cream gives a fantastic, dermatologist-approved, mineral zinc-oxide sun-protection at the same time it gives your skin a natural bronze glow.  If you have oily skin, try Sheer Strength Pure Mineral Matte Sunscreen which is tinted and oil absorbing. You also need a simple but dermatologist approved body sunscreen for exposed skin such as Solbar Zinc.

3.    Eat carrots.  It’s not technically a beauty product “buy”, but it’s a key beauty step for a natural golden glow.  In fact, a scientific study proved that a beta-carotene-golden-glow is rated more attractive than the color of a suntan. Yep, it's true and science proved it!  So eat the carrots and skip the tan, you'll be more attractive now and for years to come. 

Did you know that if you have light colored hair that it can turn an odd shade of yellow from sun exposure?

It's another reason you need a great sun hat as part of your sun protection strategy.  Hair yellows and skin leathers with sun exposure because UV rays cause degradation of cell structures.  Ask yourself, are you adequately protected from sun exposure?  Read more about about how to protect yourself here.

How do you achieve that healthy glow?  Let us know by sharing, tweeting, commenting, liking and pinning; we love to hear from you!

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