Spreading The Word About Smart And Affordable Sun Protection

Cynthia Bailey, MD|April 15, 2010

I've been working hard as a dermatologist to put professional quality skin care information and affordable, professional skin care products on the web where you can find them-and I'm excited to say that it's getting noticed! Most recently, my sun protection information was quoted in Mainstreet.com’s web article The Best Sunblocks For The Family. The Mainstreet.com article also featured my OTB Skin Care Ultimate Sun Kit calling it “The Whole ‘Kit’ and Caboodle”, which I got a kick out of. They describe my kit as “a nice value” and “a clever kit that contains all you need for protecting your skin and the skin of your family (kids too!)” The final 'pat on the back' for me came in the author's quote: ”Dr. Bailey's site has great sun care and skin care info for all skin types and product recommendations. I would highly recommend taking a look.” I love that I'm making friends on the web and that I'm able to teach more people than ever before about effective sun protection- before they get that first sunburn. This is soul satisfying work for me as a dermatologist and it strengthens my goal of becoming one of the most trusted web sources for skin care and skin health information ...and it seems that the word's getting out! Prepare Yourself and Your Family For A Sun Safe Summer By Reading My Sun Protection Advice: How To Pick The Best Sunscreen How To Apply Sunscreen And Have Fabulous Skin Forever Photo: The Lane Team

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