Remedies for Really Stubborn Scalp Seborrheic Dermatitis

Cynthia Bailey, MD|November 9, 2009

Sometimes medicated shampoos alone aren't strong enough to clear stubborn  scalp dandruff.  If your scalp just doesn't clear after you've diligently rotated through the medicated shampoos as I described in my last post, then it's time for more intensive scalp treatments and medicated leave-on products. Topical Leave-on Medicated Products for Scalp Dandruff For stubborn dandruff, or faster relief than using medicated shampoos alone you can apply leave on products to the affected areas.  Non prescription medicated options include hydrocortisone and salicylic acid liquids.  Typically you use these products twice a day until your scalp clears.  Remember to follow the directions on the product labels.  Product options:

  1. Scalpicin Maximum Strength with 1% Hydrocortisone
  2. Scalpicin with 3% Salicylic Acid

Your doctor can prescribe stronger cortisone products if your scalp seborrhea won't clear with these non prescription options. Intensive Scalp Treatments for Thick Scale and Stubborn Dandruff If you have stubborn plaques of really thick scale you can loosen them with oil treatments or P&S liquid.

  1. Oil Treatment:  Slightly warm mineral oil in the microwave (of course be careful not to heat it to the point that it burns your skin!).  Apply the warmed oil to the scalp plaques for 30 minutes under a towel.  Comb the plaque to loosen the scale then shampoo your scalp to remove the oil.  Use your medicated shampoo as your last lather as directed above.
  2. P&S Liquid: Apply the liquid to the scalp plaques and cover with a shower cap for 8 hours.  Then shampoo your scalp as I describe above.

Please remember that if your scalp does not improve you should see your doctor to be certain that you don't have some other more unusual reason for an itchy and scaly scalp.

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