Natural Skin Care: Best Products for Busy Moms

Cynthia Bailey, MD|February 18, 2014

Multitasking natural skin care products are big time savers for busy moms.


Natural Skin CareThe problem with most multipurpose skin care products is that they compromise results.  

For example, I've never found a shampoo-conditioner or a body wash-skin moisturizer that ever did either job even remotely well by my criteria. It's that "jack of all trades, master of none" reality that sabotages our best efforts at efficiency. There are a few exceptions though. I have natural skin care multitasking products for the three key skin care steps. These products meet my stringent criteria as a dermatologist for excellent results AND high product quality. They are serious time savers for busy moms who don't want to compromise quality. Two of the three products are ones that I developed myself for exactly this purpose, to combine skin care efficiency with dermatologist-level skin care quality.

You can trust my multitasking products because you know that I'm picky and I've worked hard to combine hypo-allergenic all natural ingredients with top-quality dermatology results. You don't have to compromise!

Finding efficiencies that you can trust is the key to getting it all done. Because skin care happens all day, every day for you and your family it's a great place to look for efficiency. But you can't compromise quality because the skin is the body's biggest organ and skin health is important to your family's health. You need non-toxic, all-natural, hypo-allergenic, and affordable products that take good care of your family's skin. Here are my three top picks as a dermatologist and a mom. (Even if you are not a mom these products offer great efficiency without compromise. They also make great gifts for busy moms that you love.)

Top Three Multipurpose Natural Skin Care Products that Work

1.  An All-Natural and All-Purpose Skin SoapNatural Skin Care: naturally best bar soap

A big time saver is to find a soap that works for everyone in the family from their heads to their toes. It's even better if it does not disintegrate instantly if someone leaves it in a puddle of water.  But, of course, it should be hypoallergenic and ideally all natural since it's covering the entire skin surface of the people you love. Repeated exposure to taunting ingredients like fragrance (yes, even natural ones) and preservatives will cause many people to develop skin allergies and the allergic rash of eczema over time. Remember, the skin of small children is more sensitive than the skin of adults. The fewer of these exposures the better. One area you can reduce this exposure is with the family soap. My Naturally Best Bar Soap is a blend of dermatologist quality hypoallergenic skin care and non-toxic all-natural skin care. My Naturally Best Bar Soap is fragrance free and free of other ingredients that can cause rashes and skin allergies. You can keep bars in the showers and bath tubs, and at every sink. This soap is beautifully made for me by a master soap maker who uses organic natural ingredients. The result is a lovely, hypoallergenic bar soap that is also well priced and won't break the family budget. Like all truly natural skin care soaps, it performs best in soft water.

2.  An All-Purpose and All-Natural Skin Care Cream All Natural skin care for Face, Hand and Body Lotion from Dr. Cynthia BaileyNatural skn care Face and Body Butter Cream from Dr. Bailey 

Applying a moisturizer to skin right after washing is the best way to keep skin healthy and strong. My All Natural Face and Body Butter and my All Natural Face and Body Lotion can be used from head to toe for the entire family. Like my Natural Bar Soap, they are made from non-toxic organic ingredients. Keep a jar or bottle in the bathroom to apply after bathing and another at the kitchen sink to conveniently hydrate hands after doing dishes. Make it easy for the entire family to moisturize with these therapeutically hydrating products that help to prevent dry skin chapping and eczema. My All Natural Creams are formulated to be hypoallergenic so they are perfect for even the most sensitive skin. They are not oil free and I do not recommend them for acne-prone skin, though not all oils are comedogenic (aggravating to acne).

This is the first skin cream I’ve found that works for my dry skin, that I want to use consistently and that isn’t greasy. Alice M., Sebastopol, CA

3.  All Natural BB Cream Sunscreen for MomDr. Bailey Natural Skin Care Face Sunscreen BB Cream Suntegrity 5 in 1 Moisturizing

Sun protection is universally agreed to be the biggest anti-aging skin care step you can take with your skin care routine.   Save time by using Suntegrity 5 in 1 BB Cream, which gives your skin trustworthy mineral zinc oxide sun protection in a tinted hydrating base for a flawless complexion instantly. You may even be able to skip your facial moisturizer and makeup when you're pinched for time. Imagine washing your face and applying just one product right before you whiz out the door. Suntegrity's BB Cream is also a beautifully made natural product. Made from organic, deeply hydrating ingredients, this one product “masters” all your skin care needs on a busy morning – hydration, sun protection, and light makeup coverage. It blocks UV rays with a whopping 20% non-nano zinc oxide, meaning the protection is amazing, long lasting, and the best natural sun protection available – so you don’t have to worry (another multitasking benefit!). Anyone that has used mineral sunscreens knows that for this high concentration of zinc to be elegant and look good on the skin is nothing short of a miracle. Tricia created her Suntegrity line of natural sun protection products to honor her mother, who died of melanoma.

If you have oily or acne-prone skin, you may find that Suntegrity's 5 in 1 BB Cream, with its deeply hydrating oils, is not the best fit for your complexion. My favorite multitasking tinted facial sunscreen for oily skin is MDSolar Sciences Mineral Tinted Cream, which is also a lovely product and boasts an excellent Environmental Working Group Rating.   MDSolar Sciences Mineral Tinted Creme Natural Skin Care Sunscreen for Oily Skin

If you're looking for an all natural skin care sunscreen for the entire family that also meets my rigorous dermatologist rating for the best sun protection try Suntegritiy Baby Natural Mineral Sunscreen.  Trust your sun protection to this 20% zinc oxide sunscreen made from natural and hypoallergenic ingredients. Good for the entire family and for those parts of your skin where you don't want the benefit of tinting such as the backs of your hands.  Suntegrity Baby Natural Skin Care Sunscreen for Entire Family

Zinc oxide sunscreens are the best! ... Other people were using SPF 50s and burning. Because mine had zinc it worked and my skin didn't burn like theirs.Brenda W

P.S.  -  One last suggestion for busy moms - when you need to dress-up in a pinch, get instant makeup complexion coverage by just dusting mineral makeup powder over your BB Cream or the All Natural Butter or Lotion. My natural mineral makeups give complete natural-looking coverage without leaving you looking "powdered." Chose from my Baked Minerals (what I personally use) or my Pressed Mineral Powder.  Add a bit of my Mineral Blush and you're there. mineral makeup blushnatural mineral makeupMineral Makeup Baked Minerals Keep all your makeup in my affordable and elegant fair trade silk cosmetic bag and it's easy to grab it on the go and throw it in your tote/suitcase/gym bag or diaper bag. Know you're taking good care of yourself while you're juggling an impossible schedule because all these products are natural. You're not compromising on quality either and they're an affordable treat too - you deserve it! 

 affordable fair trade silk cosmetic bag for natural skin care makeup

Today, being a mom is faster-paced than ever and you're busy. My kids are grown now and when I look back on all that I accomplished when they were young, I don't know how it was possible. For those of you with children at home right now, you are truly juggling the impossible. Frankly, in this fast-paced, modern world most of us are over-the-top busy and looking for efficiencies. Multitask and accomplish the impossible without sacrificing quality with these natural AND dermatologist quality skin care products. 

It was my 38th birthday yesterday and this woman giving me a pedicure thought I was in my 20s.  She couldn't believe it. I credit it to your products…  Tracy A.

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