Keratosis Pilaris: AKA Chicken Skin Bumps

Angela Christiansen|October 17, 2014

keratosis pilaris on Woman applying lotion to her arm

Do You Have Chicken-Like Skin Bumps on Your Skin?

The next topic we will be introducing in Dr. Bailey's new skin advice pages is keratosis pilaris. Have you ever wondered what the culprit of your scaly skin bumps was? According to Dr. Bailey, it's a possibility it may be keratosis pilaris, which requires a specialized treatment. In her new advice page, How to Treat Keratosis Pilaris (KP) "Chicken Skin Bumps" and Have Soft Skin Again, Dr Bailey addresses the causes and treatment of keratosis pilaris.

What Is Keratosis Pilaris?

Keratosis pilaris is when your dead skin cells, composed of keratin, plug up your hair follicles, creating a bumpy texture. Redness may develop, creating the "chicken skin bump" appearance. If the keratin plug traps in hair, it is often mistaken for acne. Even though this condition flares up most during puberty, it may remain into adulthood.

How Do You Treat Keratosis Pilaris?

Dr Bailey uses three simple steps when treating her patients (and herself!) for keratosis pilaris.

  1. Physically exfoliate your skin with a rough sponge or cloth.
  2. Apply skin care products with keratolytic ingredients. Chemical exfoliators to use: alpha hydroxyl acids, urea, retinoid, benzoyl peroxide, and salicyclic acid.
  3. Soften your skin with a deeply hydrating moisturizer or lotion. For moisturizers to be most effective, apply after toweling off after bathing and while the skin is still slightly damp to lock in moisture.

If your skin becomes even more red or dry during chemical exfoliation, just back off the keratolytic products for a few days or use a keratolytic product that includes a moisturizer. These steps will help your skin become smooth and soft again. Although the redness may not completely disappear, the treatment should reduce the overall redness and buff away the sandpaper texture of keratosis pilaris.

What Keratosis Pilaris Products Does Dr. Bailey Recommend? 

keratosis pilaris skin care for smooth skin

Dr. Bailey's go-to product for keratosis pilaris is her turn-key kit: Anti-Aging Body Skin Care Kit. It combines all three elements for treating keratosis pilaris: physical exfoliation, keratolytic products, and a moisturizer. Read more on the application steps Dr. Bailey's recommends for this kit HERE.

The Body Kit makes a big difference. My hips and thighs were getting bumpy and in 3 times of using the kit they are already so much smoother. I’m a barnacle former and I must say it softens the ones that are already there. SH

Also on her keratosis pilaris advice page, Dr. Bailey addresses alternative methods to combat keratosis pilaris and what to do if you have the double whammy of acne and keratosis pilaris. Check out the original advice page for the full in depth discussion by clicking the links above.

Have you found other methods to combat keratosis pilaris?  

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