Introducing New Instantly Luminous Facial Serum

Cynthia Bailey, MD|February 1, 2016

Luminous Facial Serum_Main I love this serum! It's an exciting, advanced and yummy new product to add to your skin care routine. The name is Instantly Luminous because, for most people, it is. The technology creates an immediate change in the look, feel and hydration of your skin. The magic happens from the combination of both small and large molecular weight hyaluronic acid combined with other important and naturally hydrating ingredients like glycerin and PCA. Regular readers of my blog know that I am a big fan of hyaluronic acid to hydrate dry skin. In short, this ingredient acts like a water-holding sponge to lock moisture into your skin. Fully hydrated skin plumps limp wrinkles and crinkles in skin and also has a dewy youthful luster. What's not to love? Was your skin tone lackluster and disappointing you when you looked in the mirror today? It’s winter, it’s dry, and your skin reflects these elements. Almost no one can escape this reality. The result is a crinkly, wrinkly, and dull complexion. Fortunately, our yummy, new serum can fix these troubling issues. What does the Multi-Action Serum do?

  1. It compensates for skin dryness instantly.
  2. It soothes chapped or irritated skin with natural skin hydrators.
  3. It plumps fine lines and wrinkles and imparts a dewy, youthful luster to dehydrated skin.
  4. It layers beautifully with other skin care products.

Everyone in the office loves this new serum! I'm personally "over the moon" about it because it is a perfect example of that truly brilliant combination of natural ingredients and scientific skill that blends into skin care and transforms complexions. Key ingredients include:

  • Hyaluronic acid - includes both small and large molecular weight sizes to penetrate skin and to layer on the skin so that moisture reaches deep into skin layers and is trapped there.
  • Glycerin - pulls moisture from the atmosphere for all day hydration.
  • Sodium PCA Blend - a natural component of the skin’s “natural moisturizing factors” that are crucial for holding moisture to maintain healthy skin.
  • Antioxidants - you can never get enough of these, which include white tea, ergothioneine and glutathione to help squelch any skin damaging free radicals before they complete their dastardly deeds on your precious skin structures.

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