I’m Back from Vacation and My Dermatology Blog’s Up Again!

Cynthia Bailey, MD|May 14, 2012

Hello Everyone, I'm back. My poodle is thrilled and I'm busily trying to catch up on all your blog comments and Ask Dr. Bailey Questions from the past few weeks. It's a work in progress and it's great to be back. I love vacations and I love coming home to my routine, work, blog, and garden. That's gotta mean that life is just right. I thought I'd share some pics and a few homecoming stories. It's funny that leaving things behind is sometimes as much adventure as the destination. What greeted me on my homecoming after this trip?

  1. A really shaggy and motley poodle in desperate need of a haircut! I expected that and he got his belated groom muy pronto.   (See before and after pictures below.) White dogs are such high maintenance. (Hmm maybe I should color his hair?)
  2. High weeds and shaggy grass (seems I have a theme) because all our mowing gizmos broke while we were gone and the guy who cuts our grass couldn't. (See the broken gizmos below. Truly, life is complicated by gizmo maintenance). Oh well, the house was intact and the most perfect spring weather greeted us too. On my first day back, I went promptly to the nursery to buy summer garden veggie plants and seeds and on day 2 I spent 12 hours planting them. (I took a few days off knowing I would need to do this when I got home.) I'm serious about my veggie garden and all of you who read my blog know how many veggies I eat. Judging by the seeds and plants I just bought, summer will be bountiful (I love my gardener's optimism).
  3. The new rotating surgical table I ordered came, my staff rearranged the treatment rooms and the office looks great. Boy, I'm gonna be livin' high!  Can't wait to take that table for a spin this week.

As a home coming "treat" I also did a mini-detox cleansing diet for 4 days to shed the souvenir vacation pounds and set my system right. Needless to say, I didn't eat my Alkaline Mediterranean Diet Food Pyramid on vacation and it's amazing how quickly a little cleanse gets my body feeling younger and more nimble. I'm thankful for the extravagant vacation "dietary indiscretions" and for my routine of healthy living at home. Last but not least, I decided to use the end of my vacation to finally get my Juvederm filler treatment around my aging 53 year old mouth. It's been "the cobblers son has no shoes" for me with filler since I've been the only doc in the office doing it and I'm too picky about results to go anywhere else. Well, Dr. Smith who just joined my office does beautiful work so I spontaneously decided to take the plunge Thursday. After a little bit of post injection swelling it looks great! What a treat and what a blessing to live in an era with such a nice filler and such great treatment options; those pesky wrinkles around my upper lip, marionette lines and the parenthesis (nasolabial folds) all got a fix - we just plumped them up with Juvederm and, poof like magic, they're gone. Even I, a dermatologist with years of great skin care and sun protection, can't avoid the inevitable tissue volume loss that comes from aging. Yippee for Juvederm! So, it's great to be home and back to the blog.  I'm wishing you a beautiful spring in your part of the world.  Remember to wear your sunscreen, hats, and sun protective clothing big time now that the UV is so intense and you'll be drawn outside by the glorious weather. Here are some fun pics: Shaggy homecoming poodle happy to have us back Phew!  Clean poodle, even happier now that the suit caseshave been put away.   dermatologist's sun protection recommendations for gardeners Happy spring to you all and I'll have more posts out soon, Cynthia Bailey MD, Dermatologist

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