I’ll be unplugged for a few days…..

Cynthia Bailey, MD|September 23, 2011

For the next week I'll be someplace where my internet connection will be spotty and I'll be busy with other stuff.  I can tell already that I'll need a support group to make it through this.  OK, deep breath, I can do it. Boy oh boy, I went from web neophyte to web junky in just 3 years. That's how it works though, right?  Not for everybody, oh. Well I just love blogging, tweeting, Facebook, my Google RSS Reader subscriptions, email, sitting in my red kitchen chair and connecting, reading, researching studies on PubMed, writing, thinking, planning.  But, I can be fine relaxing, going for walks, hanging with extended family (it's a wedding), all without putting my computer on hibernate, right? People tell me not to take my computer at all, but that's cold turkey and I know that won't work! But, I will be less available for a week starting tomorrow.  Wish me luck, I'll miss you all......... Aloha! I've left you some of my favorite posts below. Photo: Thank and gratitude to PhotoSteve 101

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