How to Avoid Holiday Cravings

Cynthia Bailey, MD|November 22, 2016

The Holiday Season is here, and so are the sweet treats. They are everywhere along with your crazy busy schedules. It’s a perfect segway to the holiday cravings. Don’t fall into the craving see-saw this year. Go alkaline between those yummy holiday meals and feel good all day, and all season.

I stopped eating holiday treats a few years ago out of necessity, and I haven’t looked back. I can’t underscore enough what a huge difference it’s made for me during the holidays. I stopped with the treats because my arthritis and back pain gets really bad when I eat rich desserts with cream and butter, cookies and breads. I’m a reasonably good baker and I LOVE butter cookies and anything with cream but I can’t eat it - and because I don’t, I feel great. If it wasn’t at my house, it was in the office where I would eat treats. You know that doctor’s offices get lots of yummy holiday presents from patients and vendors. I cut it all out. No cravings, no pain, no tummy aches, no weight gain and I don’t miss the treats. Anyone else find this true for them also?

Stabilize your metabolism and free yourself from cravings this year. Make it through the holidays without the weight gain and flare-up of your health and skin problems. Focus on going alkaline and low glycemic/carb through the holidays, and you'll start off the new year way ahead of the game.

What does "going alkaline and low glycemic/carb" mean in practical terms?

It means eating kale, quinoa, and pomegranate salads or mains, winter squash soup, smoothies, apples, dried figs and nuts as snacks along with your favorite small portions of savory meat or vegetarian dishes. Avoid the sugar, refined carbs and processed foods, and see how different you feel.

I’m in! Who’s with me? Am I serious? Yes! Know that I’m not a total holiday party-pooper - I’ll have a little pumpkin pie and may take a bite of pecan pie at Thanksgiving. But I’m not eating the rest of the pies for the entire week. I’m not eating stuffing leftovers all week either. And, no office treats will enter my mouth because that never ends well for me. No candy in the house because one piece leads to too many.

Instead I’ve got recipes to turn to. I keep them on a clip board and my ipad as screen shots. Here’s my plan:

  • I use greens like kale and spinach for salads, I add pomegranate or thinly sliced persimmons or pears for flavor, and dress with olive oil. I usually thinly slice red onion too. I love to add sunflower or pumpkin seeds to top a salad.
  • I sprout quinoa to mix with chopped veggies like green oinions, carrots etc. and eat them hot or cold.
  • I have smoked ham hocks in the freezer for sprouted bean stews.
  • I’ve got lots of winter squash in the garage for all sorts of dishes. I roast butternut squash, use spaghetti squash in place of pasta, and I dress any squash in olive oil and salt for a side dish.
  • Most meat-based main courses are eaten at my house on a bed of finely shredded carrots and cabbage in the winter to fill the stomach and stretch the meat. I have a food processor that does it fast and I keep the shredded carrots/cabbage mix ready to use in a plastic container for a few days in the fridge.
  • I find lots of uses for avocados in winter because they help satisfy cravings. I mash them with lemon and salt and dip Mary’s Gluten Free Crackers in them for a snack. I spread them on a whole grain gluten free sandwich (instead of mayo) and I throw them in smoothies or salads for added richness.
  • For dessert I turn to dried figs (they are loaded with calcium), high cacao chocolate, or sugared ginger. Yes, there is sugar on the ginger but I can’t eat much at once so I decide it's not bad.
  • I always crave salty crunchy something at 4pm. Instead of snacking on chips, I eat nuts. Again, I can’t eat many before I get an odd feeling in my stomach - so I’m safe from overdoing it.
  • During this season I put the Vita Mix on the counter to make it easy to make smoothies. There is an amazing pumpkin smoothie recipe in Alkaline Sister’s Blog from October!

For even more ideas, here are inspiring sources that will help you go alkaline this holiday season and take control of those holiday cravings!

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