Gloves & Skin Protection: They Just Fit

Cynthia Bailey, MD|February 25, 2015

Fidgety As the saying goes,

if you want to know a woman’s real age, look at her hands.

How do the backs of your hands look? How about your mother's or your grandmother's? You might think that wearing gloves for sun protection is a bit excessive.  According to Dr. Bailey, your hands are just as susceptible to sun damage as your delicate facial skin. “In fact,” Dr. Bailey wrote, “in my dermatology practice, I often see the same amount of sun damage on the back of the hands that I see on the face.” This is because your hands are always out in the sun doing things for you, from driving the car to walking the dog or working in the garden. Because you tend to leave your busy hands uncovered to "take care of business," they are left vulnerable to sun damage. Even when you dutifully apply sunscreen to your hands, it can wash off and wear off over the course of your busy day. Washing your hands, sweating, or even rubbing them against other fabrics removes your well-intended protective coating of sunscreen.  You need to reapply it often, and that's another step that's not always convenient ... and that's where gloves come in. As Dr. Bailey has mentioned, using clothing to protect skin is much simpler than using sunscreen. While gloves might seem more complicated at first, think about it, they can actually be VERY fashionable. Gloves are back in a big way, whether your style is classic, funky, or one of the latest fashion trends. Here are some fashion ideas to get you started. For more, you can go to our Pinterest board Gloves For Every Occasion. The take home here is that prevention is the best way to go. Have beautiful hands all the way through your life.  Remember, once sun damage has thinned your skin, it can't go back. Start now to protect your hands as zealously as you protect your face!  Do you have a pair of great gloves?  Send us a photo; we love really fun gloves! Gloves are good for guys too.  The skin on the back of a man's hand is also susceptible to sun damage.  Send us great pics of men's gloves too.  Photo by galinesa on Photo from galinesa on 02593654e368139794d8130026cb816b Photo from 530fc1fda7bab2f84c9a0917a95ac929 Photo from e83c1c596174a6782ab408744828fa12 Photo from   Photo by Photo by

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