Give the Gift of Great Skin!

Cynthia Bailey, MD|November 24, 2016

This holiday season, be ‘that’ brilliant mind reader who gives the most remembered gift when you unlock the door to beautiful skin. I am dermatologist Dr. Cynthia Bailey, and I have crafted a selection of my best kits to ease both skin problems and your holiday shopping challenges. These dermatologist-approved kits at special prices will truly 'hit the spot' for your family and friends.

Whether it's your busy host/hostess, child’s teacher, niece or nephew, grandchild, brother or sister, mom or dad, or even your favorite barista – you’ll be ‘that’ person whose gift is used daily with deep appreciation!

Enjoy our Holiday Specials, designed so you get to shop and save!

Holiday Mineral Makeup Set $66.00 or $39.00
Italians use the phrase ‘Mi piace’ when they express that something is pleasing or beautiful. This phrase means ‘It gives me pleasure’. For years, this gossamer-fine mineral makeup and silk bag have given me pleasure. Customize your gift for a daytime look in lighter hues or a dramatic evening look with bolder hues perfect for creating the popular ‘smoky eye’ style that everyone loves right now. This ethically sourced and divine makeup, bag, and brushes will bring great pleasure to their lucky receivers. Know that your gift will shimmer like jewels, enhanging the natural beauty of your recipient’s complexion. 

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Ultimate Holiday Acne Kit for Sensitive Skin$32.00
Is there a niece, nephew, or other teen in your life that is silently struggling with acne? Show you care and take their stress away from having to ask for help. Give them this complete skin care routine that I developed to treat the most common causes of acne. Be that special loved one who really scores the ‘home-run’ gift this year with our discounted holiday acne kit. 

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Holiday Redness Relief Kit$68.00
If someone you love is suffering from facial redness, then giving them the Redness Relief Kit will make your gift the best they have ever their life. Facial redness is embarrassing and common, and usually flares up this time of year. It is usually due to rosacea or seborrhea, and it almost always improves with the simple use of this kit!  Take advantage of our special holiday pricing on this top selling kit. 

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Moisture Quench for Busy Hands$20.00
Perfect host or hostess gift this holiday season! Or for your kid's teachers and other hardworking folks you want to thank. Winter is a time of dry and chapped hands. With this kit you will solve their woes, and your gift will stand out as a thoughtful acknowledgment of how much you appreciate their hard work.

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eGift Certificate$20 and up
Want to give your recipients the option of browsing my web pages and creating their own skin care gift? It’s easy with a gift card! Let your recipient create the right dermatologist-recommended skin care routine for a healthy and problem-free complexion that is tailored to their skin type and preferences.

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This Holiday season, you can not go wrong with these skin care kits. I have curated a selection for you of my top selling products, at discounted holiday prices. If you are not sure which kit would benefit your loved one more, opt for the special eGift certificate to ensure you are crowned the best gift-giver, and your friends and family will get access to great skin care just in time for 2017! Don't forget you can also give the gift of great skin to yourself as well. 

See our curated holiday gift guide here. Give the gift of great skin this holiday season!

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