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Cynthia Bailey, MD|August 10, 2015

Summer Fix Sale How does your skin look now that summer is in full swing? Do you feel like your face looks greasy in the heat with your sunscreen? Is your self-tanner leaving streaks and freckling on your skin? Are you worried that your face is getting too much sun and that wrinkles are around the corner? You may have one of these issues or all of them going on this summer. But, don't fret! It's time to address them, and what better way to start than with our fun summer skin care sale?* *use coupon code summersale2015 at checkout

Problem: Your face looks and feels greasy when you wear sunscreen.8 Fix: Try a mattifying product like MDSolar Sciences. It’s tinted to give your complexion a natural-looking summer bronze appearance. The oil-free base is my favorite product for oily and acne complexions. It’s a great product for hot humid days or when the weather is so hot that your skin is always sweaty and moist.

brejuvProblem: Spots and streaks from self-tanner Fix: Exfoliate first! You’ve heard it before, but how is it working for you? Beautiful self-tanner application is art. You have to prep the canvas. Combine AHA (chemical) exfoliation with physical exfoliation (like with gritty scrubs or sponges). Use the right tools and see the difference - my Body Exfoliation Kit is ideal. Use it once or twice a week and see how natural your self-tanner looks. As a bonus, drink a serving of carrot juice every day and you’ll have an inside-out glow too thanks to healthy beta carotene!

Problem: Facial sun exposure with impending sun damage Fix: Add potent antioxidant skin care AND rethink your sun protection strategy! Promise yourself good sun protection and add a secondary defense system with an antioxidant product that works. You have two choices or could always use both products.

1) Vitamin C in a high concentration of stable L-ascorbic acid that is protected from air and light.


2) High concentration green tea polyphenols with caffeine


Choice 1 is a powerful, well-studied antioxidant capable of neutralizing damaging free radicals from sun damage. It’s also powerful enough to help your body build skin collagen to fight off future wrinkles. Powerful vitamin C products can irritate sensitive complexions, including rosacea and facial eczema. Choice 2 is soothing and has been shown to help reduce the process that leads to skin cancer. Like vitamin C, green tea antioxidants help neutralize skin-damaging free radicals. As a bonus tip, you should increase your facial sun protection too! You can do this by adding a hat. (Click here for great sun hats at amazing prices - love them, abuse them, and replace them; that's what you should do with your sun hats!) Let's also not forget about sunscreen! Click here for the full list and pick the product that's right for you. In my opinion, zinc oxide sunscreens are better. Click here to see why, and what my favorite products are for your complexion.

About the SALE, buy the fix and save!


Yep, 10% off now through Monday, August 17!*

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Sunscreen - any type - love your sunscreen, apply it lavishly, and use it all up! 

Sun Hats - please, please wear them for me! (We gladly welcome any pictures in our comments or on our Facebook page!)

Green Tea Antioxidant Skin Therapy


Vitamin C Anti-Wrinkle Professional Treatment Serum


Exfoliating Body Skin Care Kit


Avene Self Tanner


Do you have other summer skin problems like fungal infection, sunburns, intertrigo (skin fold rash), darkening on the sides of your neck, or rashes from poison oak or ivy? See the posts below for the advice I give my dermatology patients in the office.

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