Find The Perfect Sun Hat For You!

Cynthia Bailey, MD|March 10, 2015

Sunhats Your sun hat is the magic convergence between your love of healthy and attractive skin AND your love of color and style. Even if you’re not a fashionista, you have a personal style. We are all delighted when we find something that looks good on us and somehow "fits." We all want healthy skin; some of us even want to avoid wrinkles and liver spots. That’s where your sun hat comes in. I personally love color. I love fashion and I love "iron-clad" sun protection for skin. All my patients know this and know that I'm a keen shopper of sun hats. I look at fashion color trends to make certain that I provide the colors you’ll crave this year so that you’ll wear your dermatologist-approved sun hat. And ... the 2015 colors are going to excite you!!FCR_SPR2015_Home_Banner_Img

  • They are gorgeous!
  • They are just what I was craving!
  • And, they are just what the doctor ordered for you!

To find the right colors, I follow the Pantone Color Trend Report. Pantone predicts color trends. Check it out because once you know the trends you will see them all over magazines, making you almost psychic – from the font colors, page colors, photos, and to what is featured in articles - it's the Pantone Color Report! You’ll see the colors in department stores and you’ll start to crave them. I like to know IN ADVANCE, both as a personal heads up and so that I have hats for you that match your cravings. Check out this year's colors.pantone-color-report-spring-201512 The accessory "it" color is marsala. See how the entire palate of colors plays nicely together. If you pick a hat in any of these colors, it will work nicely with the other clothing that’s bound to be in your closet in this color range. What fun – a simple sun hat will tie it all together. Yep, our bucket hats are darn close to the Pantone Color Report colors for 2015 (big surprise, right?). Plus:

  • They are affordable.
  • They fit like a charm because they have a tie inside to size to your head.
  • They can be rolled up, packed, smashed, and basically abused and they still look great.
  • They are so affordable that your budget can probably support you getting more than one color. They even make delightful Spring gifts for your friends (Easter, Spring Break, Happy Gardening Season, Happy Saturday, TGIF or Just Thinking of You gifts anyone?).
  • They're fun!

Life is good, spring is around the corner and bucket hats in this year's hot colors are just what the doctor ordered. Wait! Tempted to wear a ball cap?? NO, NO, NO!!! Those are job security for me. Damage, wrinkles, liver spots, and cancers on the ears, temples, cheeks, crow's feet, and neck. Don’t let it happen. Your sun hat needs to be made of UPF 50 fabric, to cover the entire top of your scalp, and to provide a 3-inch minimum full circumference brim around the precious skin of your head and neck. Yep, that describes a bucket hat. Cheers and here comes the sun! Need more than a sun hat?  Surf our Sun Protection stuff, the best sun protection tools made to keep your skin healthy this year.

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