Dog Days of Summer Sunscreen Giveaway

Cynthia Bailey, MD|August 3, 2013

dog days of summerI want your skin sun protected while you while away time in the warm languid days of summer. That’s why I’m giving away my favorite sunscreens on the Dr. Bailey Skin Care Facebook page. Yep, I'm giving away full-size products, not just small sample packets! Here's how to enter:

  1. Click here to cruise over to Dr. Bailey Skin Care Facebook Page and tell us which of my zinc oxide sunscreens you want to win.
  2. Write the following sentence in the Recommendations Box on the right side of the page:
“Dr. Bailey’s sunscreens are the best and I want (your product choice).”

  Recommendations box facebookThat’s it; you’re entered into our drawing. We’re drawing three names on Friday, August 23rd and, if you’re a winner, you can pick the product you want and we’ll ship it to you free. Do you love your sunscreen? Does it match your skin type so well that you’re eager to apply it every day first thing in the morning just because you know it’s good for you? If not, you need to start searching for a new sunscreen! You should love your sunscreen; it should feel good on your skin, fit your activities, and be convenient to carry and apply. I'm certain that you’ll happily use sunscreen when you find the right products. Realize that there's no "one-size-fits-all" sunscreen. Here's what you need to consider when it comes to picking sunscreens: First, in my opinion, to fully protect you  a sunscreen needs to have 5% or more zinc oxide for broad spectrum and trusted protection. Second, to find your perfect sunscreen(s), think about your unique skin type and lifestyle.

  • You need a daily wear facial product. It:
    • needs to work with your makeup if your wear it
    • shouldn't feel greasy or make your skin oily
    • needs to feel good on your skin
  • You need a product for the back of your hands that is water resistant.
  • You need a product for neck, ears, and the V of your chest.
  • You also need a product for wet and sweaty outdoor activities.

Don’t forget to:

  • wear your hat
  • use shade
  • wear sun-protective clothing
  • use UV-blocking glasses

Click here to see my mineral zinc oxide sunscreen comparison chart to find the perfect sunscreen (or sunscreens) for your skin and lifestyle needs.  Photo Attribution: thanks and gratitude to Jelly Dude   

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