Do You Need to Protect Your Skin from the Sun in Fall and Winter?

Cynthia Bailey, MD|December 7, 2015

Winter Skin Protection_MainYes, Yes, Yes! UVA is out all year – fall and winter included. It’s out from sun up to sun down too. Believe it or not, UVA is also at its FULL intensity even when the sun feels softer in winter. Yes, the UVB rays are less, but don’t let that fool you because UVA is harmful to your skin. What is the harmful effect of UVA on your skin? The causes are many, but some serious and common UVA causes include:

  1. Wrinkles
  2. Skin thinning
  3. Sun spots
  4. Skin cancer

Spray_Sunscreen Sheer Strength Pure Physical Spray Sunscreen SPF 50+ The good news about fall and winter UVA rays is that you can use clothing along with sunscreen to easily block the rays during the colder months. Of course, you always want to apply broad spectrum sunscreen on all exposed skin all year long. Use a product with SPF 30 or higher and 5% or more zinc oxide listed as an active ingredient. Here are the sunscreens that I use, trust and recommend: Click here for the Facial Sunscreens I recommend. Click here for all of the Sunscreens I trust and recommend.  Sunscreen Sheer Strength Pure Physical Sunscreen AND........I've added some new sunscreens!! Yep, our dermatologist-approved mineral sunscreen collection has grown so that you have more choices! Check out our new totally transparent and non-greasy Mineral Spray Sunscreen. This is a holy grail product for hairy skin like the top of your scalp! Its  SPF50+ protection comes from pure mineral non-nano zinc. Also, it does not aerosolize when sprayed. These two features make it the first spray sunscreen I've ever recommended! Our second new sunscreen is another holy grail product! It is an ultra-sheer, matte finish sunscreen with tinting that blends with all skin colors! This product is ideal for oily, acne-prone complexions and everyone who wants their sunscreen to impart no additional product feel on their skin. My husband loves both of these products; they are now his first choice for daily sun protection on work days.   In addition to sunscreen, plan to limit what skin is exposed by covering up creatively with clothing! Some great cool weather dressing accessories to protect your skin include: Beautiful Scarves Photo courtesy 120 Photography Photo courtesy 120 Photography Wrap a beautiful scarf around your neck and over the "V" of your chest.  It's fashionable, very trendy and brilliant sun protection. In fact, do you know that a scarf is the single most popular item of clothing in Italy according to my Italian teacher? Yes, the fashion-influencing Italians wear at least one and sometimes two at a time! This summer, when I was in Italy, I saw almost every chic Italian woman wearing at least one scarf. Since they frame your face, scarves can be so beautiful and complimentary. It’s so easy to incorporate a scarf into your winter wardrobe and can really dress up an outfit. Scarves are fun! I highly recommend going scarf shopping with wild abandon for the sake of your skin. Need help tying scarves? Click here to check out our Pinterest Board on ways to wear scarves and get inspired! Sumptuous and Cozy Gloves Slip on a pair of gloves to cover the fragile and thin skin on the back of your hands. It’s cold outside, so be both comfortable and sun smart by wearing gloves. Why not ask for the perfect pair as a holiday gift? Check out this unbelievable Fashion-Glove Board for your wish list. Hats Photo courtesy Triple J Sun Protection Photo courtesy Triple J Sun Protection Hats are always an important sun protection accessory. Don’t just think of them for the summer sun protection because you need good hats all year. Remember, you want a 3-5 inch full circumference brim, ideally. Don’t forget to cover the top of your scalp too! This will both keep you warm (you lose a lot of heat from your head in cold weather) and protect your fragile scalp skin from skin cancer. Yes, scalp skin is prone to skin cancer too, and it gets sun exposed when you least expect it. Trust me, you don’t want scalp skin cancer. I love pictures, and I love accessories! This month, we are collecting great photos of scarfs, hats and gloves on our Pinterest board. Share your favorites with us so we can all get inspired to be warm, fashion savvy and sun smart!

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