Brighten Someone’s Day with #RandomActsofRetail

Cynthia Bailey, MD|August 27, 2015

Random Acts of Retail In this busy and often impersonal modern age in which we live, it seems like acts of kindness are rare. It’s sad, but true. No, I’m not saying that people are insensitive or cruel, but in our defense, we’re all so busy and often never see the face of someone we interact with or how our curt, surly or impatient act lands on the recipient (think driving or telephone customer service agents)! Between work and kids, obligatory events, the internet and machines that take the place of humans (like ATMs, self-service gas and grocery checkout), time is precious; and moments of personal connection are too. Unfortunately, as a result, kindness is often neglected. This is why it is so refreshing when someone unexpectedly shows compassion or offers a thoughtful gesture. I also believe it is why the Random Acts of Kindness movement gained so much attention and why brands such as Coca-Cola felt compelled to participate in it as well. We’ve also heard, or maybe even personally witnessed, the “pay it forward” campaigns that often happen at Starbucks. I don’t recall anyone telling me they’ve personally experienced it yet, but I love the idea! The point is that people are stopping and taking a minute to do a good deed for someone else. And this is special because it brings out the best in people at that moment and going forward. Have you received an unexpected gift or gesture that has changed your day or life for the better? Let’s share our stories in the comments below. And, as we all know, the joy of generosity is not just felt by the recipient, but also by the giver. It’s cliché, but giving really does light you up inside, doesn’t it? I firmly believe that it does, which is why I’m happy to introduce #RandomActsofRetail (note the hashtag)! For years, often on a whim, I’ve given my professional skin care products away to patients. Seeing faces light up is extremely moving. But, what’s even more powerful is knowing that the products they receive will have a lasting impact not only on their outward appearance and the health of their skin, but also on their internal being because they promote healing, comfort and self-confidence. What is #RandomActsofRetail? Over the next few months, my team and I are going to offer our products as giveaways on our Facebook Page. But, here’s the catch – we want you to nominate someone you feel is deserving of the product. For example, the product may be our Citrix Sunscreen SPF 40, and we may ask you to nominate someone who is in the sun a lot or always seems to get sunburned regardless of how hard they try to protect themselves. Make sense? How to Participate What you need to do is watch our Facebook Page very closely since this is where we’ll announce the products. To give you a preview, some of the products we’ll be giving away include:






fbblotion From there, you’ll need to visit this page and provide a photo and brief story as to why your nominee should win. Next, you should share your entry on your own Facebook Timeline in order for it to get as many votes as possible and hopefully win! And guess what? After you nominate someone, you’ll receive a coupon for 10 percent off your next purchase from Dr. Bailey Skin Care! Sounds pretty great, right? The next step is that we ask you to keep #RandomActsofRetail going. Take this campaign to other areas online, take it offline, and encourage others to participate in it too. Let’s take the hashtag of #RandomActsofRetail viral! After you spread the message, tell us your story on our Facebook Page. Why are we doing this, you ask? Because – why not? It just feels good to give – big or little, and we can all do it. Get ready to start nominating the people you love!  

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