Around Sebastopol

Cynthia Bailey, MD|November 27, 2009


Sculpture by Sebastopol Artist Patrick Amiot on Florence Ave.

There's no place quite like Sebastopol!

I love giving my out of town patients recommendations on what to do here. Sebastopol's the hub for the artsy and alternative culture of Western Sonoma County. Our town is small and not touristy, yet our businesses thrive because so many people come through Sebastopol on there way to the Russian River or our beautiful coast. This means that our stores and restaurants rock! Many of my patients are from out of town and drive hours to my office. They want to run errands, eat, and stretch their legs before driving home again. I love giving patients my recommendations for how to spending time in Sebastopol. By posting my favorite Sebastopol things to do here on my blog, I hope to give my out of town patients good ideas for what they can do here in wonderful 'West County'. Ideas for spending quality time in and around Sebastopol: Visit Florence Ave for a Nice Walk, Delightful Art and a Great Meal-Very Sebastopol! Places I Love To Shop In Sebastopol-North Main Street Places I Love To Shop In Sebastopol-North Main Street's East Side

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