Announcing the Winners of Dr. Bailey’s Online Fundraising Raffle for FORCE!

Angela Christiansen|November 4, 2013

  Thank you everyone for your support and warm wishes during our online raffle fundraiser for Facing Our Risk Cancer Empowered (FORCE)! FORCE is the organization dedicated to helping women with hereditary breast and ovarian cancer, women like Dr. Bailey whose life changed on a dime this August when she learned she carried the gene AND had breast cancer, a disease for which she did not realize she had an 87% lifetime risk of developing. We at Dr. Bailey Skin Care are incredibly moved by your generosity. You have helped us raise $2,565 for hereditary breast cancer advocacy and research!!! Dr. Bailey has a personal message for all our FORCE supporters

I am touched by all the well wishes and support from each and every one of my FORCE donors. Knowing I'm surrounded by people who are rooting for me is a great comfort during my cancer treatment. I personally am saving all the comments you've written on the fundraising site, every email, every blog comment, and every card sent to me. They are my reminder of the community of people that is buoying me along daily, as I fight this disease and fight against the consequences of my hereditary BRCA genetic mutation. This is a trial I never expected to face. With your help, I am meeting it head on and your support is one of the rich "silver linings" of this otherwise horrific chapter in my life. I am deeply grateful; thank you so very much. Cynthia Bailey MD, Dermatologist  

Remember, we are still running the online fundraiser for FORCE; it's only our online raffle portion of the event that is now closed. Please feel free to continue passing on the word about FORCE and our fundraiser so that we can continue to raise money for this organization that has been so helpful to Dr. Bailey during her breast cancer journey.  And ... our online FORCE fundraiser raffle winners are: For the Anti-Aging Antioxidant Kit and Anti-Aging Body Skin Care Kit

  • Lynne Murphy

  • Lynne Carlile

For the Clarisonic Plus

  • Carolyn Daugherty

  • Kris Schratz

For the $300 Gift Certificate at Dr. Bailey Skin Care

  • Melouise Pfeffer

  • Susan Brinda


Thank you again to everyone for making this a successful fundraiser for FORCE.  Please continue to support their cause - remember only 10% of the people who carry the hereditary breast and ovarian cancer gene know that they do. There is so much lifesaving work that still needs to be done! Warm Regards and Deep Gratitude, The Staff at Dr. Bailey Skin Care Photo attribution: Thanks and gratitude to © Harry Choi/TongRo Images/Corbis and © Wavebreak Media Ltd./Corbis

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