911 Beauty Skin Care Fix-It Kits!

Cynthia Bailey, MD|February 2, 2015

911 Beauty Skin Care KitsAn important part of my job as a dermatologist is to give my patients practical advice to help fix their unsightly skin problems. Skin problems cause more than just symptoms. They are actually beauty problems, too, because our appearance is very much impacted by our skin.

To help alleviate some of the physical and emotional pain that victims of these skin problems face, I’ve turned my personal medical experience into 911 Beauty Skin Care Fix-It Kits. If you follow my instructions, you'll get results. It's really as simple as that.

My skin care fix-it kits are simple and address the critical elements of what creates beauty “challenges,” including:

  • Itchy, dry hands
  • Elephant-thick feet
  • Scaly, red facial complexion
  • Dry and crusty middle-age (and beyond) body skin 'challenges'
  • Facial liver spots and dull, wrinkled skin

Each kit contains information that reflects the advice that I tell patients.  I've just "bottled" it into turn-key skin care regimens so that you don't have to make an appointment with your dermatologist to get quick relief.

Take your hands, for instance. We're in the middle of winter, and dry, chapped hands are basically a given. With our Dry Hand Skin Repair Kit, you really need products that will both heal your damaged hands and prevent further issues from happening.

DB product images

Facial redness is another common problem that many people deal with daily. Whether the root of your issue is rosacea or facial seborrheic dermatitis, also known as facial dandruff, our Facial Redness Relief Kit can help. This kit contains resveratrol, which is the antioxidant from grapes, combined with zinc and green tea antioxidants. Together, these ingredients work to reverse redness.


After trying several home remedies (organic jojoba, organic coconut oil, organic honey, tea tree oils) - all to no avail. Frantic and desperate I came across Dr. Bailey's site searching on seborrheic dermatitis. I ordered her Facial Redness Relief Kit praying that it would help even though I really didn't expect it to. I can honestly say my face is so much better . TH

Thirdly, age is a problem that most people are trying to fight these days. As a result, we’ve developed our Anti-Aging Body Skin Care Kit that includes exfoliation products to ensure skin is soft and youthful. I’ve said it before and I say it again: My Anti-Aging Body Skin Care Kit is the most effective treatment I've ever found to give you smooth body skin, lighten and get rid of age spots...basically it gives you pretty skin again!

anti-aging body skin care kit

My barnacles are WAY better. Those ugly old age spots are gone, there was one on my chest, my shoulder and leg that are gone. I didn’t take the Body Kit on vacation and I noticed a difference. It’s a maintenance issue. DPP

Cancer is a problem that, unfortunately, many of us have had to deal with. Many times, the disease requires chemotherapy and, with that, a number of skin issues. Through my experience with breast cancer, we developed Chemotheraphy Skin Care Kits to specifically address the needs of patients dealing with the extremely sensitive skin that is associated with chemo. These kits include everything from body lotion to lip balm to allow chemo patients to overcome the typical skin woes that accompany cancer.

Chemotherapy Skin Care Kit

Rough, callused and dry feet are also a problem that many people suffer with. In the winter, people often let their feet go, but spring is just around the corner! Our Soft and Smooth Feet - Rough Skin Remover Kit includes a variety of products that softens dry, hard skin so that it can be removed to reveal soft feet again.


Lastly, and going right along with the age problem that no one wants is the problem of wrinkles and age spots. Fortunately, our Glycolic Acid Skin Care Kit can help eliminate these issues without a prescription or an office procedure. The ingredient of glycolic acid is key to lightening age spots and brightening complexions to, ultimately, produce younger looking skin.

glycolic acid skin care kit for normal skin

These beauty challenges are real, but fortunately, products exist that can either cure or hide them. And given the focus society today puts upon beauty, these types of solutions are critical to everyday life. The fact that Valentine's Day is just around the corner is an added bonus too.


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