5 (More) Random Facts About Skin Care You Didn’t Know But Should

Jen Hayes, MD|March 15, 2016

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1. Popping pimples is not always bad
Sure, popping a pimple that is not ready to be popped can lead to scarring. However, professional extractions are often necessary to get rid of blackheads. A good retinoid can loosen blackheads up and make them easier to extract. I tend to get clogged pores and Danielle, our aesthetician does wonders keeping my skin clear. Getting blackheads out helps products work better. After all, how can medicated products get into the pores where they need to work if it’s already full of dead skin and oil?
For more on what happens when an aesthetician exfoliates and extracts, visit From the Aesthetician: Is a Facial a Treat or Necessary for Healthy Skin?

2. Wash your face twice when wearing makeup Toleriane  Vanicream Cleansing Bar
I am someone who doesn’t discourage people from wearing makeup. Makeup is fun! There is no reason you can’t use a quality, non pore-clogging (“non-comedogenic) foundation as long as you wash it off before bed. I instruct people to wash their face with a gentle cleanser like Vanicream Cleansing Bar or Toleriane to get the layer of makeup off. Then wash a second time with the cleanser of your choice (either a medicated one for acne or glycolic acid or just a second time with a gentle cleanser) preferably with a Clarisonic brush. This ensures that you’re not just massaging makeup back into your pores which makes applying products much less effective. It takes another couple of minutes but is a very important step.

3. Managing stress helps your skin
My skin is always the barometer of how things are going in my life! Life stressors not only make us get lazier about adhering to our skincare regimen but also spike cortisol which worsens all skin diseases, particularly acne. If the stress in your life is bringing you down, your skin will show it. Take time to de-stress with exercise and good sleep! It does wonders for your skin.

4. Washing skin everyday does not make it more dry
There used to be a debate as to whether washing your skin more often dried it out. We now know that washing your skin daily actually HELPS your skin. The best time to apply moisturizer is right after the shower or bath when your skin is still damp. That is when your skin soaks up the moisture and seals it in. Applying moisturizer to dry skin is not nearly as effective. So go ahead and shower everyday – just make sure to apply a moisturizer right after.
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5. Always wear your sunglasses outside
I am a huge fan of sunglasses as a fashion statement. Most importantly, they protect your eyes from harmful UV rays and prevent crow’s feet! Repeatedly squinting causes wrinkles around the eyes. The bigger the sunglasses the better. I try never to go outside without them!
Did any of these facts surprise you? What other skin care myths have you been surprised by?

Dr. HayesDr. Hayes - Board Certified Dermatologist

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