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Dermatology Practice Reviews

“Thanks Dr. Bailey for taking a few years off my face.” Florence

“I travel 3000 miles to come here because there is nobody like Dr. Bailey where I live.” SG

“I get compliments about my skin from family, friends and strangers. They all want to know my ‘secret.’” Karlyn

“I was Dr. Bailey’s patient in San Diego 20 years ago and she is still the best (and nicest and most fun) dermatologist I ever met!!!” Ernestine

“Warm and friendly staff and great office ambiance. Love the hats and magazines! So many offices are so institutional you don’t want to be there.” Carolyn

Anti-Wrinkle / Anti-Aging Product Reviews

“Love Green Tea - Power of 3. Never leave home without it.” Janese

“I love that soap. I love the feel of it on the skin and I’m almost sorry to wash it off.” JT

“(People are saying) you don’t look like you’re about to turn 60.” Rebecca

“I’ve been pleased with the results. So’s my wife and that’s more important.” David

“My husband really noticed how much better my skin looked when we visited my younger sister. He said ‘you look younger than your sister now.’ I’ll take it!” CR

Sun Screen & Protection Product Reviews

“I am addicted to Dr. Bailey’s Citrix zinc sunscreen. I don’t leave the house without it.” Paige 

“Dr. Bailey has trained me well and I’m grateful. I have not been sunburned since I’ve been using her products. And I now wear sun hats too!” Nancy

Skin Care Blog & Advice

“I am a dedicated reader of your blog and my skin is better for it.” Paul

“What more can I say, I love this woman and refer all my friends to her blogsite!” Kim

“Your blog is a great source of information and I love your approach – I only wish I could find a dermatologist like you in Minnesota!” Jenna

“You’re the Taylor Swift of Dermatologists.” John

Acne Skin Care Product Reviews

“My skin has never looked better.” Andrea

“I simply can’t imagine going anywhere else for my skincare needs. You are ALL the best! Thank You!” Susan

All your products are A+!” Olga

“I’m loving these products better than anything I have ever tried, and I have tried them all! Nice reasonable price for what you get. Keep up the good work.” Kathleen

“I can’t live without them!!” Rebekah

Dr. Bailey Skin Care General Product Reviews

“They are affordable. They are effective. They deliver the results they claim.” SM

“I love my Clarisonic – I want to marry it!” Susan

“So happy I found these products!! It’s been 2 months and a few friends have even asked what I’ve been doing different and I told them about Dr. Cynthia Bailey skin care line.” Allison

“People often ask me what I use on my skin. I tell them about Dr. Bailey’s blog and her products. I wish I lived close enough to be a patient, but happy that I can read her recommendations and benefit by ordering the products.” Nancy

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