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Fragile lip skin requires special treatment to prevent chapping, heal and stay healthy.

Your lips are fragile because they have less structural protection from the elements than the rest of your skin. Plus, you constantly expose them to stressors like sun, wind, hot and cold liquids, and allergens and irritants in the foods and beverages you drink etc. It's no wonder lips are often chapped and dry. Plus, you ingest what you apply to your lips, meaning you want to choose lip products with care.

Sensitive lips require the best lip treatments made from safe ingredients.

I only recommend hypoallergenic and non-toxic products for lip care. Did you know that many lipsticks contain toxic heavy metals? It's true. I also don't like the idea of ingesting the chemical UV filters found in many sunscreen lip balms.

What are the most common causes of lip chapping?

  • Exposure to wind, harsh weather and sun.
  • Exposure to allergens in foods and lip care products such as,
    • cinnamon,
    • citrus,
    • mint,
    • medicinal ingredients and botanicals in some "healing" lip balm products such as,
      • eucalyptus,
      • camphor,
      • menthol
  • Exposure to irritating ingredients in skin care products such as acne medicines and anti-aging products.

Did you know that you can become addicted to lip balm because the balm is made with allergens?

It's true! Allergens in lip balms include fragrances, flavors and other ingredients that don't actually help heal and protect your lips. The allergic rash (called allergic cheilitis) feels like chapped lips. You apply more lip balm to heal your chapped lips and make the rash worse. It is a vicious cycle that sells lots of lip balm. Keep your lip care products hypoallergenic and avoid lip balm addiction.

What are the best products for lip care in my dermatologist's opinion?

I created my hypoallergenic Natural Lip Balm as the perfect lip product. It is hypoallergenic, certified organic, non-toxic and feels great. Apply it every evening when you go to bed and many times throughout the day. 

Fragile lip skin is prone to sun damage and lip skin cancer if you don't protect it from UV rays. Lips fade with age because of sun damage. Protect them with sunscreens designed for lip protection. My top lip sunscreen choice is VaniCare Lip Protectant  made with mineral zinc oxide and titanium dioxide UV filters. It also contains dimethicone to help protect lips as a barrier cream.  If you want a colored lipstick, try the shimmery and beautiful Suntegrity CPR Lipstick. These natural products are as lovely as they are smart. 


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  1. Dr. Bailey's Natural Lip Balm

    Natural Lip Balm

    Certified organic for safe and natural hydration you can trust. Protects, hydrates and helps to heal chapped lips. Great for the entire family.

    Regular Price: $7.00

    Special Price $6.30

  2. Vanicream Lip Protectant

    Vanicream Lip Protectant

    A popular dermatologist-recommended hypoallergenic lip balm and sunscreen - all together in one product.

  3. Suntegrity Lip C.P.R. SPF Sunscreen Lipstick

    Suntegrity Lip C.P.R. SPF Sunscreen Lipstick

    Natural non-nano mineral zinc oxide sun protection in a deeply hydrating base for your delicate lip skin. Prevent skin cancer and future wrinkles with daily use of sunscreen. That means lips too. Ever notice older lips are pale, shriveled, dry and chapped all the time. That’s sun damage. Just say no by wearing lip sun protection 365 days a year.

  4. SunSavvy Around Town Sun Protection Kit

    SunSavvy Around Town Sun Protection Kit

    My SunSavvy Around Town Bundle is complete sun protection that’s perfect for everyday use. Whether you’re at work, school, a weekend outing, or special celebration, you’ll be covered.

    Regular Price: $132.00

    Special Price $119.00

  5. Sunsavvy Ready 4 Fun Sun Protection Kit

    Sunsavvy Ready 4 Fun Sun Protection Kit

    Soaking up all the sunny-fun summer has to offer means extreme, sun-protection tools need to be close at hand. Yep. You're you’re going to be outside at BBQs, concerts, lounging by the pool, having fun in the river or on the lake, and more. You’ve been waiting all year for this! And, I’ve got your skin covered so that you get all the bliss without the sun damage.

    Regular Price: $180.00

    Special Price $162.00

  6. Dr. Bailey's Naturally Eczema Free Kit

    Naturally Eczema Free Kit

    Heal and prevent eczema with dermatologist’s hypoallergenic products specifically made for eczema prone skin.

    Regular Price: $84.50

    Special Price $76.00

  7. Dr. Bailey's Chemotherapy Skin Care Kit

    Chemotherapy Skin Care Kit

    This is the skin care routine I used while undergoing chemo treatments myself. I designed these kits to help chemo patients simplify one aspect of their chemotherapy self-care. Be confident that you are taking good care of your body’s largest organ while you undergo chemo. These are also the perfect gift to send to a friend or family member who is undergoing cancer treatment. 50% of the profits donated to cancer research.

    Regular Price: $80.00

    Special Price $72.00

  8. EltaMD UV Lip Balm Broad-Spectrum SPF 31

    EltaMD UV Lip Balm Broad-Spectrum SPF 31

    Protect your delicate lips from the sun every day with a sunscreen lip balm you will love to use. Treats and prevents chapped lips with its uniquely effective moisturizing ingredients.


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