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My kits are powerful non-prescription skin care routines that fight the main causes of acne, facial redness, facial skin aging and more.  I choose the most effective products available, formulated with the highest concentrations available without a prescription so that you can have the best results for your skin without a prescription or a trip to the dermatologist!

I capture the best from skin care scientists and have combined high-tech science with some natural skin care secrets to create home use skin care products and facial creams that can instantly improve the look of your facial skin. As a dermatologist, I know how to create and judge skin care products. I know how to combine products to build Complete Skin Care Routines that maximize your results. I've also got kits with key ingredients that you can work into your existing skin care routine that target specific problems.

What can a Dermatologist's Skin Care Kits do for your complexion?

Whether you are struggling with acne, uneven skin pigment, the signs of skin aging and sun damage, crepey skin, dry or dehydrated skin, rosacea, seborrhea or a combination of these, I have skin care regimens. My skin care routines are developed from my dermatology practice where I've treated thousands of patients over 30+ years who have brought me an infinite variety of complexion challenges.

The Best Facial Skin Care Kits from Dermatologist Dr. Cynthia Bailey

I have kits for acne vulgaris and Pityrosporum folliculitis type of acne

There are kits for rosacea and facial seborrhea, 

I have men's skin care kits that are efficient and that help a man maintain a well groomed appearance.

I have kits to deeply hydrate skin to give it a dewy and youthful texture and tone.

I have a really great glycolic acid kit and a kit that loads your skin with antioxidants that are state-of-the-art in skin care science to fight the signs of aging skin. 

I also have an Ultimate Pigment and Sun Damage Repair Kit that you can customize for your unique complexion. 

Because I personally battled the effects of chemotherapy on my skin, I developed a  a skin care kit for people to use during cancer treatment.


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  1. Dr. Bailey's Ultimate Pigment and Sun Damage Repair Kit

    Ultimate Pigment and Sun Damage Repair Kit

    Fade an uneven complexion almost instantly with the best pigment lightening products. Reverse fine lines and wrinkles and return your appearance to younger days. This kit has everything proven to do the job!

    Regular Price: $406.00

    Special Price $365.00

  2. Dr. Bailey's Anti-Aging Antioxidant Kit

    Anti-Aging Antioxidant Kit

    Dr. Bailey’s Anti-Aging Antioxidant Kit offers the best skin care products made today to help brighten your complexion and reduce wrinkles and age spots. It also protects your skin from the sun’s harmful rays and everyday stresses.

    Regular Price: $320.00

    Special Price $288.00

  3. Dr. Bailey's Green Facial Redness Relief Kit - with Green Tea Antioxidant Skin Therapy

    Facial Redness Relief Kit - with Green Tea Antioxidant Skin Therapy

    This near-magical product combination is indispensable in my dermatology practice for calming facial redness. 

    Regular Price: $98.00

    Special Price $88.00

  4. Dr. Bailey's Rosacea Therapy Kit

    Rosacea Therapy Kit

    The right complete skin care routine is really important to healing your rosacea. My kit offers products to keep your complexion clear, healthy, and comfortable. 

    Regular Price: $197.00

    Special Price $185.00

  5. Dr. Bailey's Men's Beard Care Kit

    Men's Beard Care Kit

    Dermatologist recommended to have an enviable beard free of beardruff, itching and dryness.

    Regular Price: $125.00

    Special Price $112.50

  6. Dr. Bailey's Men's Face Care Kit

    Men's Face Care Kit

    My Complete Skin Care Kit for Men fights facial redness and premature skin aging all at the same time. 

    Regular Price: $177.00

    Special Price $160.00

  7. Dr. Bailey's Instant Skin Renewal Trio

    Instant Skin Renewal Trio

    Enjoy a bright, new complexion and escape dull and dehydrated skin. Instantly refined skin-texture to a smooth, dewy and luminously tone.

    Regular Price: $164.00

    Special Price $148.00

  8. Dr. Bailey's Fall Hydrating Skin Trio

    Deeply Hydrating Skin Trio

    Hot dry climates or cozy winter weather don’t have to mean dehydrated and dull skin. Change your skin care with the season.

    Regular Price: $140.00

    Special Price $126.00

  9. Facial Glycolic Acid Kit for All Complexion Types

    Facial Glycolic Acid Kit for All Complexion Types

    Professional glycolic acid skin care products are among the best, non-prescription anti-wrinkle face creams that also fight sun spots. Glycolic acid rejuvenates and reverses so many of the signs of skin aging including: dull skin, fine lines and wrinkles, crepey skin, sun spots, and crusty age spots. Glycolic acid also helps prevent clogged pores, including blackheads that can lead to pimples and acne. 

  10. Ultimate Acne Solutions Skin Care Kit™

    Ultimate Acne Solutions Skin Care Kit™

    Most regular acne products are irritating to sensitive skin, but this acne treatment kit delivers the best acne medications at levels that are appropriate for sensitive skin.

    Regular Price: $61.00

    Special Price $55.00

  11. Dr. Bailey's Ultimate Acne Solutions Skin Care Kit, Extra Strength™

    Ultimate Acne Solutions Skin Care Kit, Extra Strength™

    Tolerant skin benefits from the high concentration of acne medicine in the Ultimate Acne Solutions Skin Care Kit, Extra Strength.

    Regular Price: $72.50

    Special Price $65.00

  12. Dr. Bailey's Pityrosporum Folliculitis Kit

    Pityrosporum Folliculitis Kit

    My Pityrosporum folliculitis is essential if you have that odd type of acne that both itches and hurts, has bright red pustules and tiny flesh-colored bumps studding your skin and that represent clogged pores.

    Regular Price: $110.00

    Special Price $99.00

  13. SunSavvy Antioxidant Backup for Your Sun Protection Kit

    SunSavvy Antioxidant Backup for Your Sun Protection Kit

    Antioxidants play a huge role in protecting your skin from free radicals that damage precious, nucleic acids (DNA) and skin structures (lipid cell membranes, to name a few).

    Regular Price: $309.00

    Special Price $278.00

  14. Sunsavvy Ready 4 Fun Sun Protection Kit

    Sunsavvy Ready 4 Fun Sun Protection Kit

    Soaking up all the sunny-fun summer has to offer means extreme, sun-protection tools need to be close at hand. Yep. You're you’re going to be outside at BBQs, concerts, lounging by the pool, having fun in the river or on the lake, and more. You’ve been waiting all year for this! And, I’ve got your skin covered so that you get all the bliss without the sun damage.

    Regular Price: $166.00

    Special Price $150.00

  15. SunSavvy Around Town Sun Protection Kit

    SunSavvy Around Town Sun Protection Kit

    My SunSavvy Around Town Bundle is complete sun protection that’s perfect for everyday use. Whether you’re at work, school, a weekend outing, or special celebration, you’ll be covered.

    Regular Price: $119.00

    Special Price $107.00

  16. SunSavvy Kit, Daily Wear Protection

    SunSavvy Kit, Daily Wear Protection

    The best dermatologist recommended mineral sunscreen products for everyday protection. This kit includes Citrix Sunscreen SPF 40 for the face, ears, and neck, along with Solbar Zinc Sunscreen SPF 38 for the chest, hands, and other areas that need sun protection.

    Regular Price: $48.00

    Special Price $43.00

  17. SunSavvy Kit, Ultimate Protection

    SunSavvy Kit, Ultimate Protection

    The Ultimate Sun Protection Kit provides everything you'll need to protect your skin from the sun's harmful rays.This kit includes Sun Guard Laundry Treatment, UV Ray Detecto Ring, Vanicream Lip Protectant, Solbar Zinc SPF 38 Sunscreen and Citrix Sunscreen SPF 40 and a mesh travel bag for your products.

    Regular Price: $62.50

    Special Price $56.00

  18. Dr. Bailey's Chemotherapy Skin Care Kit

    Chemotherapy Skin Care Kit

    This is the skin care routine I used while undergoing chemo treatments myself. I designed these kits to help chemo patients simplify one aspect of their chemotherapy self-care. Be confident that you are taking good care of your body’s largest organ while you undergo chemo. These are also the perfect gift to send to a friend or family member who is undergoing cancer treatment. 50% of the profits donated to cancer research.

    Regular Price: $75.00

    Special Price $67.50

  19. Layered Up Besties

    Layered Up Besties

    Concentrated pharmaceutical level green tea is the best antioxidant powerhouse for all skin types. I've combined it with my state of the art Instantly Luminous Serum for instant stratified skin hydration to plump, soothe and hydrate your skin to a dewy glow - instantly! This is my absolute favorite facial product combination - and great for all skin types too! 

    Regular Price: $168.00

    Special Price $151.00

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