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Lips are fragile, and damaged lips require special lip treatments. Dr. Bailey Skin Care offers the best lip treatment products available, including Nutritic lip balm and Lipcotz and EltaMD sunscreens for lips.

Your lips are fragile because they have less structural protection from the elements than the rest of your skin. Plus, you constantly expose them to stressors like sun, wind, hot and cold liquid, crazy foods etc. It's no wonder they're often chapped and dry. Damaged lips require the best lip treatments made from safe ingredients.

I've found Nutritic to be the best lip treatment to sooth and rehydrate chapped lips. I have a tube in my bathroom and one in my purse. Everyone in my family uses it too.

For complete lip sun protection, EltaMD and Lip Cotz provide complete broad spectrum sun protection with micro sized zinc oxide in a formulation made especially for the lips.

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  1. Women's Sun Protection Bucket Hats  1250

    Women's Sun Protection Bucket Hats

    Lightweight, cool, and breathable cloth UPF 50 sun protection hats. Get in the habit of wearing this broad−brimmed hat along with your broad spectrum sunscreen − proven effective in the prevention of skin cancer and premature aging. Fits your head perfectly with its clever, adjustable inner brim cord. Highly packable too and makes a great gift!

    Regular Price: $25.00

    Special Price $21.25

  2. Men's Khaki Performance Hat  1312

    Men's Khaki Performance Hat

    These stylish and high-performance men's microfiber hats have a breathable mesh lining and a 3 1/4" brim. They fit perfectly and won't blow off because they have both an adjustable chin strap and an adjustable brim strap to hold them securely to your head.

  3. Kid's Hat (Boys and Girls)  1313

    Kid's Hat (Boys and Girls)

    Good looking and high-performance sun protection for kids.

  4. SunSavvy Kit, Ultimate Protection  1015

    SunSavvy Kit, Ultimate Protection

    The Ultimate Sun Protection Kit provides everything you'll need to protect your skin from the sun's harmful rays.This kit includes Sun Guard Laundry Treatment, UV Ray Detecto Ring, Vanicream Lip Protectant, Solbar Zinc SPF 38 Sunscreen and Citrix Sunscreen SPF 40 and a mesh travel bag for your products.

    Regular Price: $55.50

    Special Price $47.18

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Lip Treatment Products
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