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Dermatologist-recommended Mineral Makeup

Ultra-fine, Dermatologist-recommended mineral makeup gives you 'naturally flawless' skin. Experience the difference that triple milling makes: my natural mineral makeup powders are so fine that you get the most beautiful, natural, complete, and long-lasting makeup coverage possible!

All the mineral makeup at Dr. Bailey Skin Care is made from only the finest mineral ingredients, triple milled to a delicate and ultra-fine powder. This creates a makeup texture so fine that it layers invisibly on your skin to give you the look of a naturally flawless complexion.

Did you know that my mineral makeup is actually 3 products in 1? It’s your foundation, finishing powder, and concealer – a time-saving and elegantly simple makeup regimen.

Unlike most makeup, my powders are so finely textured that they don't leave heavy flakes or a powdered look on your skin. They give you even skin color and tone without flaking because the tiny mineral particles dust onto your skin in a silky layer, with no clumping.

Your complexion will have a softer, more natural finish and you'll get more complete, long-lasting coverage than you would with conventional makeup. Use my mineral powders alone or over your favorite liquid foundation for the final, delicate finishing touch to your look.

Why is Dr. Bailey Skin Care's mineral makeup the best makeup for your skin?

It's gentle for even the most sensitive skin

Mineral makeup is the best makeup for almost all skin types; it's the makeup type I always recommend for my dermatology patients. Even patients with the most sensitive skin can tolerate my high quality mineral makeup. 

It's natural

The best mineral makeup powder is naturally free of fillers, preservatives and irritating chemicals. Makeup is your 'color coat' to layer on top of your therapeutic skin care products. Use just the mineral pigments without the fillers to create the look you want. It's the elegant simplicity of 'intelligent skin care' that blends science and nature to create your healthiest, most radiant complexion.

It has anti-aging benefits for your skin

Mineral makeup gives your skin added sun protection, a key anti-aging benefit. The mineral particles help bounce harmful UV sun rays off your skin in the same way a mineral sunscreen does. Apply mineral makeup over one of my SPF 30+ mineral sunscreens with micro-fine zinc oxide, and you've got the best everyday sun protection possible. Stop the clock and enjoy healthy, great looking skin for years!

It has no nano-particles that you could breathe

There is some concern that breathing the free airborne nano mineral particles found in some types of mineral makeups may not be good for your lungs. I never recommend it. The fine texture of my powders comes from the milling process, not nano technology. Remember, nano-zinc can provide excellent sun protection but I only recommend using liquid products with nano mineral protection; I never recommend using powders with nano-particles. Dr. Bailey Skin Care mineral makeup is free of airborne nano mineral particles.

It looks beautiful on your skin

Your mineral makeup should cover your skin imperceptibly but completely, without ever giving you a powdered look. My makeup lets you control your skin color and even-out any flaws in your complexion, but it never leaves you covered in powder flakes that everyone can see. Correct your skin problems with one of my targeted skin care routines and then control your complexion color with my mineral makeup. It's what I call 'intelligent skin care', and it gives you that brilliant blend of science and nature available from today's best skin care advances.

Isn't all makeup really mineral makeup?

Yes, BUT the difference is in the proportions of minerals to the 'other stuff' that ordinary makeups all contain.

It's the minerals that create the color, coverage, and sun protection for most makeup products. It's the 'other stuff' that creates irritation, allergic skin reactions, clogged pores, acne, etc.

Makeup products that claim to 'treat pimples', 'moisturize', act as a sunscreen, 'treat wrinkles' or age spots, etc. cause more problems than they fix. Steer clear of them. I recommend using targeted skin care products to correct skin problems and achieve the proper level of skin hydration for your skin type. On top of these products, use mineral makeup as your 'color coat' to cover complexion flaws and create the look you want.

For the best skin care, I recommend that you apply my triple-milled mineral makeup on top of your therapeutic complete skin care routine and a proper zinc oxide sunscreen.

Remember your daily Dr. Bailey Complete Skin Care Routine includes the 4 essential skin care steps:

  1. Cleanse with a skin cleanser matched to your skin type
  2. Correct skin problems with targeted products
  3. Hydrate with a moisturizer chosen for your skin type
  4. Protect with a good zinc oxide sunscreen

Do you put your makeup on before or after your sunscreen?

Apply makeup as your 'color coat' after all your skin care steps. Use makeup to create the look of naturally flawless skin!

Applying my mineral makeup after your complete skin care routine is what I call 'intelligent skin care' - meaning that you are taking the best care of your skin!

My mineral makeups are lovely and my makeup-wearing patients, staff, and I are all thrilled by how wonderful they look on every complexion. This is the icing on the cake for your skin care. It is as much a pleasure to use as it is to see – beautiful coverage that lasts all day. It's that brilliant partnership between science and nature for healthy and beautiful skin - I just love it!

I carry a variety of formulations and a nice range of colors to blend flawlessly with your skin tone and type. I also carry mineral eye shadow and blushes in a variety of complementary colors to complete your look.

Dr. Bailey Mineral Makeup Complexion Matching Color Chart 


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  1. Dr. Bailey's Baked Mineral Powder™

    Baked Mineral Powder™

    Hydrating mineral powder for a luminous, velvety finish to your skin.

  2. Pressed Mineral Makeup Powder™

    Pressed Mineral Makeup Powder™

    Long-lasting, full coverage in a matte finish that won’t flake or cake.

  3. Loose Mineral Makeup Powder Foundation™

    Loose Mineral Makeup Powder Foundation™

    Silky and oil absorbing for a light weight matte finish. Use alone or as a finishing powder.

  4. Loose Mineral Makeup Blush™

    Loose Mineral Makeup Blush™

    Two lovely, soft shades to invoke a natural looking, delicate health-radiating glow to your skin (without the sun!).

  5. Baked Mineral Trio Eye Shadow

    Baked Mineral Trio Eye Shadow™

    Luscious, creaseless, long lasting shimmery color. Do you love your eye makeup? I do, and it's because this is what I use every day!

    Regular Price: $20.00

    Special Price $15.00

  6. Mineral Makeup Loose Powder Eye Shadow™

    Mineral Makeup Loose Powder Eye Shadow™

    Long lasting and creaseless eye shadows with a velvety-smooth, natural finish.

    Regular Price: $7.00

    Special Price $5.00

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